just how Old Is Rocky: from 1976 come Creed II The Rocky & Creed movie saga spans 42 years of Rocky Balboa"s adult life. Here"s just how old The Italian Stallion is in every 8 the his movie appearances.

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Rocky period from 1976 come Creed 2
The Rocky movie saga spans 42 years from the original 1976 film to Creed II, and here"s exactly how old Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) remained in each film. One of the biggest sports movie franchises of every time, Rocky was created by Sylvester Stallone, who additionally wrote every Rocky movie and also directed 4 the the 6 films. Rocky"s story then ongoing in 2015"s Creed, where Balboa came to be the mentor come Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan). Stallone retired from the function in 2018"s Creed II and also he won"t be component of 2022"s Creed III.

Rocky is a rags-to-riches-back-to-rags saga. As soon as fans an initial met "The Italian Stallion" in 1976, he was a no-name society fighter in south Philadelphia. Balboa to be handpicked by Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), the heavyweight champion of the world, to be his new opponent but he shocked Creed by walk the distance. In Rocky II, Balboa won the rematch and the heavyweight title. Rocky III observed Balboa talk high as the champ till he to be humiliated by a brand-new adversary, Clubber Lang (Mr. T). Rocky had to reclaim "the eye that the tiger" and he to win Clubber to reclaim the title. In Rocky IV, Balboa traveled to the Soviet Union to acquire revenge top top Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren), who eliminated Apollo in the ring. Despite triumphing against the Russian, Rocky took a severe beating and mind damage compelled him to retire. Rocky V experienced a broke Balboa and also his household return to south Philly wherein he mentored a new fighter, Tommy Gunn (Tommy Morrison) at the expense of his son, Robert (Sage Stallone). 2006"s Rocky Balboa experienced him mountain a comeback for one an ext fight through the new champ, Mason Dixon (Antonio Tarver).

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In 2015, Adonis Creed gotten in Rocky"s life and also Balboa guided him come the championship in Creed and Creed II, which experienced Adonis face Ivan Drago"s son, Victor (Florian Munteanu). Recently, Stallone pitched a Rocky prequel streaming collection set in the 1960s about a 17-year-old Rocky Balboa, which would be fascinating due to the fact that every generation the Rocky fans only recognize "The Italian Stallion" as an adult, a husband, and also a father. Rocky"s period would sometimes be stated in several of the movies yet the franchise has actually a couple of timeline inconsistencies. Here"s just how old Rocky Balboa was in every movie appearance.

Rocky 3 Sylvester Stallone
Rocky (1976) - Rocky bring away place between November 1975 and January 1, 1976, which was the day of the very first Creed vs. Balboa fight to celebrate America"s Bicentennial. Rocky was claimed to it is in 30 the an initial time he faced Apollo Creed and also he shed the fight in a break-up decision after ~ going the complete 15 rounds through the champ.

Rocky II (1979) - By the time the rematch in between Apollo and Rocky took location in November 1976, Rocky had actually turned 31, married Adrian (Talia Shire), and also she provided birth to your son, Rocky Jr. Balboa beat Creed by knockout in round 15 to become the new heavyweight champion of the world.

Rocky III (1982) - Rocky III blazes with the years 1976-1982 however the movie creates problems with the timeline. It"s repetitively said that 3 years have actually passed because Rocky II. Rocky"s manager Mickey Goldmill (Burgess Meredith) die in august 1981 and also a news report says Rocky is 34. However that means Rocky II would have actually happened in 1978, i m sorry is once the movie to be filmed, contradicting Rocky II"s 1976 timeline. In Rocky"s 3 years together champion, he had 10 title defenses the made that a millionaire and also celebrity, and Balboa"s physical appearance became more handsome and muscular. It"s no clear if the Clubber Lang rematch as well as a personal third Rocky vs. Apollo fight took place later in 1981 or in 1982 so Rocky may have actually turned 35.

Rocky IV (1985) - Rocky IV additionally fudges the timeline by making the seem prefer it starts best after Rocky III but the movie climate jumps forward to 1985 as soon as Ivan Drago come in the U.S. Apollo was killed by Drago and also Rocky defeated the Russian in a fight hosted in Moscow ~ above Christmas 1985 once Rocky was 38 or 39. Rocky also forfeited the heavyweight title prior to his unsanctioned fight with Drago.

Rocky V (1990) - Rocky V creates brand-new timeline issues. The occasions of Rocky V took place a year after Rocky IV which makes it 1986 when the Balboa household lost their fortune and moved back to south Philly and also Rocky began training Tommy Gunn. Rocky was about 40 in Rocky V. However, Rocky"s son Robert to be aged number of years to around 12 year old therefore he could be played by Sylvester Stallone"s son, Sage, contradicting Rocky IV.

Rocky Balboa (2006) - In Rocky Balboa, Rocky to be a widower to run an Italian restaurant after Adrian died of cancer. Balboa placed his one-time comeback right versus Mason Dixon and it"s declared that Rocky remained in his late 50s.

Creed (2015) - By the time Adonis Creed sought the end Rocky come train him, Balboa was about 68 or 69 and his fighting job were lengthy behind him.

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Creed II (2018) - Rocky was around 71 or 72 in his last cinematic appearance in the saga (so far), which witnessed him coach Adonis come the heavyweight championship prior to Adonis fought Viktor Drago twice and finally defeated the Russian to cement his championship.