The brand-new Zealand-born actor"s credits encompass soap opera "Shortland Street" and also kids collection "Amazing especially Friends."


Francis (Frankie) Mossman, a new Zealand-born gibbs who appeared in Starz series Spartacus, passed away at his residence in Sydney, Australia, ~ above Aug. 14. He to be 33.

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Mossman’s representative, Kathryn Rawlings, evidenced the actor’s passing to The Hollywood Reporter. A reason of fatality was not cited.

The actor play Vitus in Spartacus: Vengeance Unleashed and also Spartacus: Blood and Sand.Mossman’s additional credits include new Zealand soap opera Shortland Street and kids series Amazing particularly Friends.

More recently, Mossman showed up in LGBTQ web collection The Horizon, which was made into a tv movie from Australian manager Stephan Elliott.

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In a article posted come Mossman’s talent agency, a spokesperson wrote: “It is with deep woe that us report the pass of Francis Mossman. Francis has actually been part of the KR gibbs whānau for countless years and also was fine loved in the industry and by his peers. Constantly a beam of light and also a fine of positivity and also fun, Francis will be considerably missed. Our hearts reach out to Francis and also his family throughout this unimaginably daunting time.”

Mossman’s critical credit remained in the brief film Dis-Connect.

The actor’s brothers, Laurence and also Jeremy, have set up an online fundraiser with GoFundMe to aid with funeral expenses. Mossman was defined as a “well-respected member the the acting community and also found a supportive and endearing family community in Sydney.”


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