Jersey Shore: connection Status, Age, height & Zodiac of The OG actors The Jersey Shore actors have been part of fact TV"s most infamous characters. Below are your age, height, Zodiac sign, and relationship status.

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because 2009, Jersey Shore has end up being a family members name in reality television, which resulted in an entire country defining the state of new Jersey based on the original cast"s stunner personalities. Indigenous the huge fights on collection to the top seaside coast house, and also even a stint in Italy, the Jersey Shore members never had actually a dull moment together.

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After ending in 2012, the gang had the ability to reunite and start a new spinoff series, Jersey Shore household Vacation, which has aired ~ above MTV since 2018. Gift a clip to tv sets and also social media accounts because that the past decade, that is prefer the whole country knows them and has grown up with them due to the fact that their start in Seaside.

called after his 5"11" developed body kind and killer abs, The case is a clip to the Jersey Shore franchise. Being a masculine Cancer sign, the may have come off challenging on the outside at the beginning of the series, yet deep down is a really personable, expertise man.

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Now 38 years old, The case is happy married to his wife Lauren Pesce because 2018, that is his university sweetheart. The Staten Island-born/Manalapan-raised Sorrentino is expecting a baby with Pesce later on this year.

8 Paul "Pauly D" DelVecchio Jr.

The Rhode-Island native DJ has constantly been the life of the party, and he tho is at the period of 40. The 5"10" heartthrob was well-known for gift the solitary one of the cast yet has finally resolved down through Nikki Hall, whom he met on his truth show, Double Shot in ~ Love. He also has an 8-year-old daughter, Amabella Sophia, with Amanda Markert. Like The Situation, Pauly D is a Cancer sign who care deeply because that the human being he loves the most.

The 33-year-old Staten Island indigenous is recognized for gift Pauly D"s true love ~ above the Jersey Shore, as they room inseparable to the suggest of gift on Double Shot in ~ Love together. He has been linked to countless women end the years, such together Melanie Iglesias, Double Shot in ~ Love"s Maria Elizondo, and Too hot to Handle"s Francesca Farago, however he is solitary at the moment. The 5"7" Scorpio is constantly looking for avenues in many aspects of his life, together as whereby the gang should go the end or his next company venture.

6 Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

much more known for his rocky 5-year on-and-off partnership with housemate Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola, Ronnie is a consistent source the drama in the Jersey Shore franchise. Gift the organic Saggitarius he is, his honesty deserve to be brutal and also get him in trouble, back he can still quickly impress others with his personality.

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The 35-year-old Bronx native is a father to 3-year-old daughter Ariana skies Magro, whom he shares through ex-girlfriend Jenn Harley. After another extremely tumultuous partnership with Harley for 2 years, the is right now dating Saffire Matos. He may stand in ~ 5"6", however his muscular build makes up for his height contrasted to his masculine housemates.

Sammi may be sweet, however her Pisces personality, recognized to absorb she surroundings and also have a short fuse in ~ times, clashed with plenty of of her housemates, particularly her ex-lover Ronnie. The 33-year-old to be the just member come not go back to the reboot, Jersey Shore family members Vacation, for an individual reasons. Sammi is engaged to Christian Biscardi, who she has actually been with since 2017 and is planning come marry later this year. She is the 2nd tallest that the girls of the house, measure in in ~ 5"5".

4 Jenni "JWoww" Farley

Born and raised in eastern Greenbush, NY, JWoww has been recognized as the fiery personality because episode 1. In an ext recent years, she has actually been recognized for her former marriage with roger Mathews, through whom she share 2 children. After ~ the 2015-2019 marital relationship ended, JWoww has been linked to expert wrestler Zack Carpinello as of November 2020.

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The 35-year-old is well-known for her an extremely close relationship with Jersey coast housemate Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, through the duo having many spin-off reflects centered approximately their friendship. As a 5"7" Pisces, JWoww is very compassionate for her loved ones but is no afraid to present her temper or sarcasm when necessary.

back she to be born in Chile, Snooki is loud and also proud about her embraced family"s Italian-American heritage. Her 4"8" stature has helped lend her the nickname of gift a "meatball" in the house, in addition to her nearby friend and housemate Deena Cortese. Snooki is a Saggitarius, that are recognized to lose their temper but are additionally the charming type. The 33-year-old has actually been married to Jionni LaValle since 2014, sharing 3 children together.

2 Deena Cortese

authorized the OG actors after Angelina Pivarnick"s departure on Season 2, the 5"0" Jersey girl immediately fit in as the various other meatball through her BFF Snooki. The 34-year-old reigns from brand-new Egypt, NJ from a really Italian-American family. Deena has actually been married come Christopher Buckner since 2017, through the couple giving birth to son Christopher man "CJ" Buckner in 2019. She and also her husband room expecting an additional baby young in might 2021. A true Capricorn, Deena is a very family-and goal-oriented woman.

called as a "dirty small hamster," Angelina was the only OG cast member who left the home 2 times on eviction or her own terms. The 34-year-old emergency medical technician has actually been married to kris Larangeira since 2019. The Cancer sign has likewise gotten in she fair re-publishing of fights v the cast, i m sorry correlates through the zodiac"s recognized traits of atmosphere swings and also being a an ext stubborn persona. Her 5"1" develop fits best in with Snooki"s height, gift on the shorter end the the cast.

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