Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca in a step from Your show of Shows. Caesar, who sketches lit up 1950s television, died Wednesday in ~ 91. AP hide caption

Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca in a step from Your display of Shows. Caesar, who sketches lit increase 1950s television, died Wednesday at 91.

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The multitalented Sid Caesar took live and complex comedy skits on the air as a pioneer in 1950s TV. Caesar, who created a new comedic tradition in America before he to be 30, died in Los Angeles on Wednesday in ~ 91.

Caesar"s biographer and also close girlfriend Eddy Friedfeld evidenced the comedian"s death, saying he had talked with Caesar"s daughter, Karen. The news the Caesar"s fatality was an initial reported by Larry King on Twitter.

It was the NBC regimen Your present of mirrors that placed Caesar on the map once it debuted in 1950. Here"s exactly how"s Susan Stamberg explains it:

"Sid Caesar was 27 when he introduced Your display of Shows — TV"s first and best live comedy. His writers ended up being comedy royalty: Carl Reiner, Neil Simon, his brother Danny, Woody Allen, Larry Gelbart, and also Mel Brooks."

We"ll have actually a complete remembrance the the comedian"s career from Susan later on today. It contains this quote native Carl Reiner:

"Sid was the flame. Every writer to be a moth that wanted come hang approximately that flame. Over there wasn"t a writer in tv who didn"t want to be flicking around that flame."

The present remains a social touchstone, however its creator, Caesar, later dropped out of favor — and also into a lengthy struggle through addiction.

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"By the age of 32 he to be a millionaire," Susan says. "By the time he to be 35, Caesar"s Hour had actually been canceled, he to be off the air, and drinking also much."

As variety reports, Caesar periodically referred to the era together a "20-year blackout" — something that hinted at in the location of his 1982 autobiography, Where have I Been.

He emerged from that period to act and also perform top top stage and also TV, and also in films. From Variety:

"He had actually quite a year in 1997, at period 75: He showed up on Life v Louie and Mad around You ~ above TV, drawing an Emmy for the latter, and also in the film vegas Vacation, and he joined other TV icons Bob Hope and also Milton Berle at the 50th anniversary Primetime Emmy Awards, where the three drew a lengthy standing ovation."


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