The protagonist of Gone through the Wind, Scarlettis a dark-haired, green-eyed Georgia belle who struggles throughthe hardships the the civil War and Reconstruction. Scarlett exhibitsmore of she father’s hard-headedness 보다 her mother’s polished Southernmanners. Although initially she tries come behave prettily, she instinctsrise up versus social restrictions. Determination specifies Scarlettand drives her to achieve everything she desires by any means necessary.This determination very first manifests chin in her narcissistic andsometimes backstabbing efforts to excite the admiration of everyyoung guy in the neighborhood. Later, under risk of starvationand also death, she is figured out to survive and also does therefore by pickingcotton, running her entire plantation, forging a successful business,and even killing a man.

Scarlett also aims to victory Ashley Wilkes, and also her failureto do so travel guide the plot that the novel. Ashley’s marital relationship to MelanieHamilton and rejection the Scarlett journey nearly all of Scarlett’simportant succeeding decisions. Scarlett marries Charles Hamiltonto hurt Ashley, stays by Melanie’s side v the war becauseshe guarantees Ashley she will, and loses her true love, Rhett Butler,because of her persistent desire to victory Ashley.

Scarlett possesses impressive talent for business andleadership. She recovers her father’s plantation, Tara, after ~ thewar leaves it decimated, and she achieves an excellent success v hersawmill in Atlanta. In spite of her sharp intelligence, however, shehas nearly no capacity to understand the motivations and feelingsof it s her or others. Scarlett stays her life rationally: she decideswhat constitutes success, finds the many effective way to succeed,and does not consider ideas like honor and also kindness. She oftenprofesses to watch no other selections than the people she makes.

Scarlett’s breakthrough precisely winter the developmentof the South. She alters from spoiled teenager come hard-workingwidow to well-off opportunist, mirroring the South’s adjust fromleisure culture to besieged nation to endangered survivor. Scarlett embodiesboth Old and new South. She clings come Ashley, that symbolizes theidealized lost world of chivalry and manners, yet she adapts wonderfullyto the harsh and opportunistic world of the brand-new South, ultimatelyclinging come dangerous Rhett, who, like Scarlett, symbolizes thecombination of old and new.

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