The edifice supplied for Lawrence house is ~ above the back lot recognized as the "Columbia Ranch". Gidget"s residence is situated next door to the major residence top top Bewitched, which was in manufacturing at the very same time. In choose episodes, Samantha and also Darrin Stephens" home is visible in exterior shots from Gidget"s prior yard.

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In an interview featured top top the DVD release of the series, Sally field said she and Don Porter had actually a father/daughter-like relationship off screen as well. Field was brand-new to professional acting and, as result of nerves and inexperience, periodically made failure that caused others to laugh in ~ her. Exhilaration veteran Porter not only took time to explain things come Field, but often sensed points she didn"t know. In one instance during a cold review of the script, words "symbiosis" showed up in among Field"s lines. Porter pronounced the word quietly so field would know just how to pronounce it.
The title character was based on the author"s daughter, Kathy Kohner-Zuckerman, and also her adventures farming up in the surf culture on the coast at Malibu in the 1950s. Follow to the author, "Gidget" was a portmanteau the "girl" and "midget".
tv debut because that Sally Field. She auditioned because that the function on a lark and was astonished once they offered her the part.
The series did poorly in the ratings once aired it versus hit shows choose "The Beverly Hillbillies (1962)," "The Virginian (1962)," and also "Gilligan"s Island (1964)." alphabet cancelled it yet then, the series had high ratings during the summer as teens had finally discovered it. ABC considered it too late to renew the series so rather they developed a new series for Sally Field. The an outcome was "The paris Nun (1967)" i beg your pardon aired for 3 seasons.
Sally Field and also Lynette Winter (Gidget and also Larue) ended up being best friends in genuine life and on the show.
as soon as the collection debuts, the character of Gidget is 15 1/2 years old. Sally Field, that played Gidget, was 18.
Sally ar admitted in an interview the the hairstyle and clothes she wore top top the display were her very own style/preference.
This was preceded by three feature films in i beg your pardon a different actress played the title function in each film. This makes Sally ar the 4th actress to play Gidget.
Gidget"s friends and also classmates were often played by actors who appeared in the "Beach Party (1963)" movie series, choose "Beverly Adams" and "Mike Nader", and other movies featuring teens. Happiness Harmon and also Robert random co-starred in "Village that the Giants (1965)," when Bonnie Franklin had a brief duty in "A Summer location (1959)."

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The initial pilot was 30 minute long and also edited down for the collection run. The full length pilot was included in the very first DVD relax of the collection in 2006.