Roy Clark, the Grammy-winning nation music singer-guitarist that co-hosted the long-running sketch/variety collection Hee Haw through Buck Owens, passed away today the pneumonia complications at his house in Tulsa, OK. He was 85.

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But that knew and also respected the strength of TV: “Television really has actually been responsible for every little thing that I’ve excellent successfully,” the told the TV Academy in a 2005 interview (watch a video clip clip below). “I can’t put it into anything else. No huge hit records. No 30,000 concert attendance, except a pair of times. However you put this confront on television, main in, week out, they’d stop me and also they’d say, ‘Hey, Roy, how are you doing?’ They’d understand who i was, what ns was, what ns looked like, and what ns did — all from seeing and also hearing it in ~ the exact same time on television.”

SAG-AFTRA said today: “Roy Clark wasan remarkable talentin the civilization of nation musicandtruly one ambassador for the art form. A member of our union for virtually 64 years, he to be a major influence on generations of musicians and introduced country music come a new, global audience v television. With a personality that exuded warmth and kindness, it saddens united state to bid farewell to this tenderness man, however his artistryis forever woven into the towel of Americana.”

Roy Linwood Clark was born on April 15, 1933 in Meherrin, VA, yet his household moved come Washington, D.C. When he was a kid. His father played in a square dance band and took the to cost-free concerts by the national Symphony and also by army bands. “I was subjected to various kinds of music before I ever before played,” Clark said. “Dad said, ‘Never rotate your ear turn off to music till your love hears it — because then you could hear something you like."”

Clark is member of the country Music room of Fame and also Grand Ole Opry and also has a star ~ above the Hollywood walk of Fame. He additionally won the Acedemy of country Music’s Pioneer Award.

Clark is endured by Barbara, his wife of 61 years; his sister, Susan Coryell; his young Roy Clark II and also wife Karen, Dr. Michael Meyer and also wife Robin, terry Lee Meyer, Susan Mosier and Diane Stewart, and also four grandchildren.

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Here is a clip native the TV Academy foundations “The Interviews” series about Clark’s memory of performing on The Ed Sullivan Show:

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