Rosemary Clooney, the mellow-voiced singer that co-starred with Bing crosby in "White Christmas" and also staged a dramatic comeback after she career was virtually destroyed by drugs and alcohol, died…

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Rosemary Clooney, the mellow-voiced singer who co-starred through Bing crosby in “White Christmas” and also staged a dramatic comeback after her career was almost destroyed through drugs and alcohol, passed away Saturday. She to be 74. Clooney died shortly ~ 6 p.m. At she Beverly Hills, Calif., residence surrounded by she family, her publicist said. She had actually been hospitalized previously this month after enduring a recurrence the lung cancer.Born in Maysville, Ky., on may 23, 1928, Clooney started singing through her younger sister, Betty, on WLW radio in Cincinnati in 1945. Bandleader Tony pastor heard the girls when he was touring Ohio and also hired them. “The Clooney Sisters” made their debut v the band at the stole Pier in Atlantic City in 1947.Two years later Betty tired of performing and also Rosemary relocated to brand-new York. She soared to fame through her 1951 document of “Come on-a mine House,” and also became a star in television and films, including “Here Come the Girls,” v Bob Hope and also “White Christmas,” with Crosby and Danny Kaye.Her career to be sidelined by she 1950 marital relationship to Oscar-winning actor Jose Ferrer and the births the their 5 children: Miguel in 1955; Maria, 1956; Gabriel, 1957; Monsita, 1958; Rafael, 1960. Ferrer’s womanizing led to her come divorce the in 1961. ~ a three-year reconciliation, they divorced for the final time in 1967.The adhering to year was specifically difficult. Clooney was ravaged by boy name Luther King Jr.’s assassination, and was present with two of her children in the ballroom the the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles once Robert F. Kennedy was shot.For years she had taken pills come assuage an individual grief and maintain her twin life as a star and also a single mother. Overeating had caused her to obtain 60 pounds. She children and also associates came to be alarmed at she irrational and also erratic habits which sabotaged she attempts to go back to performing.After 4 years the therapy, Clooney go back to performing in 1972 at Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens. For the first time in years, she discovered joy in entertaining an audience. “Then in ~ Christmas in 1975 Bing referred to as me,” she stated in a 1985 interview. “He stated he was going to do a concert in ~ the Los Angeles Music Center. Would certainly I appear with him?” She agreed, thinking it would certainly be a one-time benefit. But the pair continued on to Chicago, brand-new York, and also London. The Clooney career was reborn. She won a brand-new record contract, and also singing dates poured in.In 1995, she obtained an Emmy compensation nomination for guest actress in a drama collection for her function on “ER” through her nephew, actor George Clooney, that is the kid of she brother, veteran TV newscaster Nick Clooney.

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In 1996, Clooney married Hollywood dancer Dante DiPaolo. She is also survived through a brother, sister, and 10 grandchildren.