Queen Elizabeth"s husband Prince Philip, the duke of Edinburgh, has actually died. He was 99-years-old.

"It is through deep sorrow the Her Majesty The Queen announces the fatality of her beloved husband, His royal Highness The Prince Philip, battle each other of Edinburgh," reads a statement exit by the royal family this morning.

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"His royal Highness passed far peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle. More announcements will certainly be make in early out course. The Royal household join through people around the world in mourning his loss."

In light of the sad news, we"re taking a look ago at your wedding day.

A very young princess, determined to marry because that love. A imperial suitor "handsome as any film star" who provoked suspicion. A country so traumatized by battle that its human being looked askance at extravagant weddings—and at dynastic couplings in general.

This past year, audiences to be enthralled as The Crown revealed the challenges faced through a young Queen Elizabeth II—but even prior to she prospered to the throne that England in 1952, Elizabeth challenged obstacles in marrying the man of her choice, her far-off cousin Philip. The road to the wedding, ~ above November 20, 1947, was no perfectly smooth.

Elizabeth was infatuated with Philip by age 13. She was already heiress to the throne top top the day she and her parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, toured the imperial Naval college at Dartmouth. The young officer who escorted the princess to be a other royal, an 18-year-old blond naval cadet called Philip of Greece. Soon the two were creating letters; she kept a framed picture of Philip by her bed.


Elizabeth and also Philip were both great-great-grandchildren that Queen Victoria. However while Elizabeth was component of a close, loving family, Philip was practically penniless and also had seen small of one of two people of his parents for years. His family, initially Danish, rule Greece till the abdication that his uncle, King Constantine I, after people War One. They all fled greece forever. Later, Philip"s mommy suffered from mental illness and also his dad left she to live in France with a mistress. Philip himself prospered up in boarding schools.

A marine officer, he served bravely in the Mediterranean and also the far East. V letters and also occasional moments together, Philip courted the princess. In 1946 he proposed in Scotland and she instantly said yes. However that is when their romance turned tricky.

Her father, King George, insisted the couple wait to announce their engagement until the princess, proper 20, was older. There were plenty the murmurings versus Philip. Of food everyone could see his attraction. "A blond hair Greek Apollo;" "a Viking;" "handsome as any film star"—those were the descriptions that complied with him. However he was "unpolished," arrogant, destitute, and—perhaps worst of all for a nation just arising from world War Two—he to be "too German."

Elizabeth"s mother, the Queen, was not too sure about Philip. In exclusive she referred to as him the Hun.


But the princess was figured out to marry him and her parental relented. In 1947, Philip proposed v a three-carat ring diamond engagement ring, consists of a center rock flanked by 10 smaller sized pave diamonds. The ring"s stones to be originally component of a tiara that belonged to Prince Philip"s mother, Princess Alice that Battenberg.

His mommy was offered the tiara ~ above her own wedding job by Tsar Nicholas II and also Tsarina Alexandra the Russia, the last rulers that the Russian Empire. Princess Alice gifted her boy the tiara in preparation for his proposal. The Prince climate designed the ring self by working v London jeweler Philip Antrobus Ltd.

The king and queen go on come announce their daughter"s betrothal. Philip became a brothers citizen and took the name "Mountbatten." Just prior to the wedding, he to be named duke of Edinburgh.

Many the Philip"s brand-new countrymen to be wary the the match. One newspaper polled that readers around Queen Elizabeth and Philip"s engagement and also 40 percent were against it. "The days of intermarriage that royalty have passed," intoned an editorial.

On the means to the ceremony, Princess Elizabeth"s diamond tiara snapped.

But the romance of the attractive young couple eventually won the necessary hearts. The wedding day was set. The just obstacle that remained was money. The nation still had food rationing, ~ all, and exercised controls ~ above imports the petrol, tobacco, and also paper.

It was billed as an austerity wedding and also the government awarded Princess Elizabeth one extra 200 clothes coupons for she dress. She still managed to wear something beautiful: an ivory silk wedding gown sewn with hundreds of seed pearls. As result of rationing in people War II, the future Queen of England saved up clothing coupons to acquisition her wedding dress.

Admirers of the young royal even sent her their own coupons through the mail, yet they had actually to be returned because it to be illegal to deliver them. As soon as the future Queen lastly got she dress, the-star patterned bridal train was 13 feet in length and also the ivory silk gown to be decorated v 10,000 seeds pearls. Overall, the gown took 350 women 7 weeks to make. Rumor had actually it the dress was influenced by a Botticelli painting from 1482.

It to be Philip that hewed very closely to the austerity mandate. Always indifferent to clothes and fond that economizing, the fight it out of Edinburgh brushed off his naval uniform and reportedly wore darned socks to Westminster Abbey.

On the way to the ceremony, Princess Elizabeth"s diamond tiara snapped. Her mother, the Queen, retained everyone patience while the court jeweler was summoned to do repairs. It would be fixed, the Queen promised. And also she to be right.

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This was the wedding that the future monarch, for this reason anonymity was the end of the question. The awareness was transfer on the radio to countless listeners, and also there were 2,500 guest at Westminster, including six kings and seven queens. Afterward, the bride and also groom left the abbey because that a wedding breakfast in ~ Buckingham Palace.

And they to be radiant.

To this day, Queen Elizabeth II and also Prince Philip proceed to inspire couples anywhere with your marriage. For their 70th wedding anniversary, the royal couple even released a collection of portraits that make lock look cuter than ever.

Queen Elizabeth II even got she husband a unique gift for their platinum anniversary in the kind of a knighthood. While most people might work out for flowers and chocolate, the royal pair knows just how to memory love the way only the royal family members can.