Priscilla Presley met Elvis Presley in 1959, when she was 14. At that time, Elvis was serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. They began a romance, and Priscilla at some point followed Elvis to the unified States.

Eight years after castle met, Priscilla and also Elvis were on married on may 1, 1967 in las Vegas, Nevada. Your daughter, Lisa Marie, was born the glossesweb.complying with year, in 1968. Although their marital relationship didn"t last (they divorce in 1973), Elvis and Priscilla continued to be friends, and also raised Lisa Marie together, till his fatality in 1977.

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Priscilla Presley resley ended up being the executor that Elvis" estate, Graceland, in 1979, and proved it s her to be a effective businesswoman, turning Elvis Presley Enterprises, of i m sorry she is chairwoman and also president, into a lucrative business. Priscilla starred in 3 Naked total movies with Leslie Nielsen, and played the character Jenna go on the television collection Dallas. Presley started Elvis Presley Enterprises, and also helped to rotate Graceland into a multimillion-dollar traveler attraction.

Priscilla Presley was born Priscilla Ann Wagner on might 24, 1945 in Brooklyn, brand-new York. She father, James Wagner, to be a united state Navy pilot who was killed in an airplane crash once Pricilla was only a few months old. Her mother, Ann, remarried Paul Beaulieu, an Air force officer, in 1948. Her family moved numerous times and also was stationed in Germany when she was a teenager. It to be there, she met Elvis Presley.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley

In Germany, 14-year old Priscilla would hang the end at the Eagles Club, a location for eating and also entertainment. According to Priscilla, she"d frequently just listen to the juke box and also write letters to her friends. One day, a handsome male looking somewhere in his mid twenty approached Priscilla. His name was Currie Grant. He asked Priscilla, "How"d you prefer to acglossesweb.complish Elvis Presley? mine wife and also I are great friends of his". Of course Priscilla agreed, and also the night she to be to meet Elvis, she wore a white and also navy sailor dress. Elvis live off base in negative Nauheim. On the evening of Sunday, September 13, 1959, Currie, his wife, and Priscilla journey for forty minutes to acquire to Elvis" house. The end of nervousness, Priscilla didn"t speak much. Once she lastly arrived, gone into the house, and also met Elvis, he"d bring away a liking to her appropriate away. He also seemed to be trying to admire Priscilla through his song he"d play her.

The Presley ladies : Priscilla and also Lisa Marie very first Mother/Daughter Interview

After the an initial night of meeting Elvis, Priscilla couldn"t concentration on school, yet she said nobody that she"d met Elvis, since as she thought, "Who"d believe that just last night i was in ~ Elvis" house?"

Elvis and also Priscilla in Germany.

Much has actually been make of the truth that Priscilla was just 14 as soon as the pair was introduced, but the young girl was mature for her age, and Elvis was mindful that the effects of the situation.

Elvis kept GI blues glossesweb.come himself

Elvis wanted to watch Priscilla again, and also so, she began visiting the regularly.

Elvis and Priscilla in Germany.

For 6 months this go on, nearly as if they to be a couple. Priscilla believed of nothing yet Elvis, she cared for him, listened glossesweb.come him, and acglossesweb.companied him. Castle were nearly inseparable.

That is, until that sorrowful day when Elvis had to go back to the united States.

Elvis and also Priscilla on the work Elvis left Germany.

Priscilla Beaulieu in Wiesbaden, Germany, on in march 1, 1960

Priscilla to be photographed through the push at the airport once Elvis left because that America, and some of those photos ended up in Life magazine. Beyond this, there was surprisingly little publicity around their relationship.

After Elvis to be discharged indigenous the Army, his only contact with Priscilla Beaulieu was over the phone and by mail. Two months awkward of she 15th birthday, the blue-eyed brunette v the turned-up nose continued to be in Germany when Elvis departed because that the unified States. Within days there to be reports that he was dating Nancy Sinatra. It was three weeks before Priscilla next heard his voice, reassuring her the she to be the only girl for him, and also over the next two year she grew accustomed glossesweb.come the rumors and his denials, and also the pain and also frustration the came v loving the world"s biggest heartthrob indigenous a street of numerous thousand miles.

In a press conference on the job he arrived back at Graceland, Elvis played under his relationship with "the girl the left behind". However in truth, despite he was dating Anita Wood and several actresses, he appeared to have reserved a special location in his heart for "Cilla". For the moment being, Elvis went along with Colonel Parker"s id that one all-consuming connection would hurt his image and also be bad for his career. Priscilla patiently waited for your reunion.

During their conversations, Elvis would discuss his career, also his connection with Anita Wood, causing Priscilla glossesweb.come wonder wherein she fit in. However, he also insisted the he wanted her glossesweb.come visit Graceland. Cilla just had to cave on. And also she walk for nearly two years, also amid newspaper and magazine short articles linking Elvis to beauties such as Juliet Prowse and also Tuesday Weld.

Anita Wood: ... At an early stage 1962, ns was glossesweb.coming under the backstairs into the kitchen, ns heard Elvis say, "I"m having actually the hardest time making up my mind in between the two" ... I knew precisely what the was talking about. And also I had actually a lot of pride ... Therefore I simply marched my little self right down the stairs ... And Elvis take it me into the dining room and his dad to be sitting in ~ the table. And we sat down at the table and also I said, "I"m gonna make the decision for you, i heard what friend said and I"m leaving". And also I remember the I began crying, it was a very challenging decision to make. I have to say that was more than likely the most daunting decision the I"ve ever before made in my life. I need to say that. After having dated someone favor Elvis for 5 years, and as close as we were because that this glossesweb.come end. And also when ns left, ns knew there would certainly be no going ago ... Ns said, "I"m leaving", and also I referred to as Andy, my brother, to glossesweb.come pick me up and we sat there and also talked a tiny bit longer, yet nobody could eat.

Then, at some point in march 1962, after number of months there is no contact, Elvis referred to as Priscilla out of the blue and invited she to join him in Los Angeles. All at once stunned and also overjoyed, she pointed out that, although her mother can be receptive to this idea, it would be nearly impossible to sway her father, Captain Paul Beaulieu. It to be a difficulty Elvis appeared happy glossesweb.come accept.

While Priscilla prevailed upon she mother, Elvis spoke v the Captain number of times and also finally winner him end by agreeing glossesweb.come a list of rules: the two-week-long holidays wouldn"t take location until Priscilla was the end of school for the summer; Elvis would send she a first-class round-trip ticket; the Beaulieus would certainly be noted with a an extensive itinerary of her daily activities in Los Angeles; she would be chaperoned everywhere; she"d create to she parents every day; and also at night she"d stay with his friends, George and also Shirley Barris.

Priscilla glossesweb.come in Los Angeles in June, and also following a visit glossesweb.come Elvis" residence on Bellagio Road, she did stay at the Barris residence -- for one night. The following afternoon, Elvis notified her that he had planned a pilgrimage to las Vegas, and also shortly ~ midnight she to be sitting beside him in his high-end motor house on the means to Nevada.

She slyly circumvented the trouble of her parents receiving letters each work by quickly pre-writing a week"s worth and also asking Elvis" servant to letter them indigenous Los Angeles. Their following stop to be the Sahara Hotel and also Casino, wherein the King and also his princess glossesweb.common a suite.

Priscilla on Larry King Live : respectable 16, 2007 : (10:26)

During twelve blissful, fun-filled days and also nights in las Vegas, Elvis take it Priscilla shopping, chose the clothing she should wear, and also instructed she on exactly how to format her hair and apply heavier makeup. Elvis chosen his females to wear lot of of eyeliner and mascara, and Priscilla readily accepted his choices. Courtesy the a barber at the hotel, her tresses were teased and twisted right into a beehive style, she eyes were heavily made up, and also the an outglossesweb.come was the apparent change of an innocent teen right into a advanced siren.

After her return to Germany, Priscilla had something to look front to during the following six months: Christmas at Graceland. Elvis had invited her, and also once again she had actually to sway her parents. However, that request to be nothing glossesweb.compared to what the Beaulieus were challenged with as soon as the Christmas trip was over and also their darling daughter returned home: Elvis wanted her to glossesweb.complete school in Memphis.

Elvis referred to as Captain Beaulieu and also used every his strength of persuasion.

If Cilla moved to Memphis, the promised, she wouldn"t live v him in ~ Graceland yet with Vernon and his mam in their residence nearby. She would certainly be enrolled in the an extremely best Catholic school, wherein he"d ensure that she would certainly graduate. And she would be cared for and also chaperoned wherever she went.

Not only did Elvis swear the he loved, needed, and also respected Priscilla, however he also insisted that he couldn"t live there is no her. The Beaulieus were left through two painful alternatives: allow Priscilla go and also risk her being ravaged if points didn"t occupational out, or veto the propose plan and also be responsible for destroying her happiness.

In the end, Elvis obtained his way, and Priscilla moved to Memphis.

Priscilla move to America 1962

In October 1962, when he was in Hollywood filming Fun in Acapulco, Elvis played organize to Priscilla and her dad, and won end the senior Beaulieu with his charm and hospitality. After ~ a couple of days, father and also daughter flew glossesweb.come Memphis, where Captain Beaulieu and also Vernon Presley enrolled Priscilla in the all-girl Immaculate Conception Cathedral High School and moved her into the residence that Vernon shared with his 2nd wife, Dee.

Once she father had returned to Germany, however, Priscilla seemed unglossesweb.comfortable living v her future in-laws, and soon she to be spending more and much more time with Elvis" grandmother in ~ Graceland. Before long, for every intents and also purposes she"d usually relocated there. Vernon chauffeured Priscilla to and also from college until she got her license and he agreed to let her drive Elvis" Lincoln mark V. He also detailed her with pocket money to spend on clothes, gas, and going glossesweb.come the movies, bowling alley, and Leonard"s Drive-In with cousin Patsy (whose mom was Gladys"s sister Clettes, and also father was Vernon"s brother Vester).

Still, in spite of the of Grandma Dodger, the maids, and also the secretaries, Priscilla frequently seemed very lonely wait for Elvis glossesweb.come return native filming. One such movie was "Viva las Vegas".

Priscilla Presley talks around Elvis meeting The Beatles

Priscilla: Some stars desire to meet other stars. Part stars need to hang out with other stars. No Elvis. I can"t psychic him when telling the Colonel to arrange a meeting v anyone famous. He observed Hollywood together the home of phonies. He absolutely felt the end of place, which is why the minute the movie covering he to be gone.

One memorable evening, the Colonel arranged because that Elvis to meet four renowned people. Yet I believe it to be the Beatles that were eager to meet Elvis, no the other way around. In fact, as soon as John, Paul, Ringo and George go in, Elvis was relaxing top top the couch, looking at TV there is no the sound. He barely bothered to obtain up. Naturally he was curious around the Beatles. He respected them. Mostly he respected the way they had achieved their creative freedom. The saw just how they did every little thing they liked to do. That appreciated your songs and especially their film "A hard Day"s Night" where their creativity and also sense of funny came v so powerfully. "Help!" was out or just about to it is in released. He additionally admired Bob Dylan and also appreciated Dylan"s severe songwriting. Check out more.

Elvis" love attention in the movie to be non various other than the "Female Elvis", Ann-Margret... They were instantly attacted glossesweb.come esach other, and also a partnership developed. This crushed Priscilla. She"d try and contact Elvis to visit, but each time he"d hold-up it. Even after the film, reports to be still everywhere. Cilla couldn"t take it it anymore, yet Elvis would threaten to have actually her go back to live with her parents if she protested, i beg your pardon is what occurred one day when she threw a vase in ~ the wall. Elvis began packing she bags and telling Vernon (Elvis" father) to collection up the next aircraft flight back to she folks. Then, Elvis would apologize saying, " required this".

Eventually, Elvis and Cilla simply laughed it off. Elvis had chose Priscilla was the girl he wanted.

One evening shortly before Christmas 1966, Elvis went down on one knee in the bedroom at Graceland and proposed glossesweb.come Cilla. Climate he slipped a ring on she finger. Purchased indigenous jeweler take care of Levitch, the ring featured a 31/2-carat diamond encircled by a row of smaller, detachable diamonds.

Just over 7 years after ~ thier an initial meeting Elvis and Priscilla were married.

The wedding itself took place on Monday, might 1, 1967

Elvis filmed "Clambake" in Los Angeles while Colonel Parker made the wedding arrangements. The consciousness took location at the Aladdin Hotel in ras Vegas, in the small second-floor suite of the Colonel"s friend, owner Milton Prell. The nuptials were presided end by Nevada can be fried Court righteousness David Zenoff and took much less than ten minutes. In true Colonel Parker style, a press conference was held automatically afterward, adhered to by a breakfast reception for 100 guests, including plenty of members of the press.

video clip : Elvis and Priscilla Beaulieu acquiring Married



The newlyweds spent their honeymoon in Palm Springs, and also after a pair of work they returned to Memphis where, on may 29, they climbed ago into your wedding attire and also threw a reception at Graceland for every one of their relatives, friends, and also employees, and also a few lucky fans. The just absentee to be bodyguard Red West, that refused glossesweb.come attend since he hadn"t been invite to the really wedding ceremony.

Married in ~ 21, Priscilla Presley Recalls she Time with Elvis

Less than two months after ~ the wedding, Elvis began work ~ above "Speedway", and also on July 12 the made an notice on the set that Priscilla to be pregnant. Lisa Marie, to be born on February 1, 1968.

Elvis to be a doting dad to Lisa Marie. Till the finish of his life Elvis adored Lisa Marie, spoiling her and showering her v jewels and gifts as soon as she went to him, and rarely, if ever, disciplining her.

As in many other elements of his life, Elvis" love for his daughter ran glossesweb.come excess.

Once, that flew she aboard his private jet so she could play in the snow. For her birthday, that rented the amusement park Libertyland because that Lisa Marie and also her friends. That bought her a golf cart and also a pony, which he let she ride with the former door of Graceland. In she autobiography, Priscilla asserted that she and Elvis preserved their shared affinity and relished their joint role as parents. During one of your last phone conversations, Priscilla mused end the possibility that one day it might be their time once again".Yeah," Elvis joked, "when I"m seventy and also you"re sixty. We"ll both it is in so old, we"ll look really silly, racing around in golf carts".


Elvis and Priscilla Presley at house with baby Lisa Marie because that the an initial time.

Vernon Presley through baby Lisa Marie.

Elvis and also Priscilla Presley at home with baby Lisa Marie.

Elvis and also Priscilla Presley at the Hillcrest house with infant Lisa Marie, 1970.

In early on 1972, Priscilla and Elvis separated.

Their divorce was finalized top top October 9, 1973. They stayed friends, and even organized hands throughout their divorce proceedings.

After she divorce native Elvis, Priscilla began a boutique and ran the for five years before getting right into modeling and acting. After signing with the william Morris Agency, Priscilla do her tv debut in 1980 together a co-host of the ABC series Those Amazing animals with the legendary citizen Meredith.

Priscilla go on glossesweb.come portray the lead role of Jenna go on the tv soap opera Dallas native 1983 glossesweb.come 1988 and also starred together Jane Spencer (Jane Drebin in the third film), with Leslie Nielsen in The Naked total movie trilogy.

Protecting his legacy

Priscilla, look at that glossesweb.component of she mission in life is to defend Elvis" legacy. That led she to glossesweb.compose her 1987 publication Elvis and Me, i beg your pardon she viewed as a solution to Albert Goldman"s vicious tome "Elvis". She didn"t desire Lisa to check out Goldman"s crap "and think that"s what her father was". Priscilla doesn"t read all the Elvis publications released, but she has actually a favorite: Peter Guralnick"s last Train to Memphis". He really caught the entirety mood, the entirety time and also the whole event the Elvis", she said". I think he stated it beautifully".

After Elvis" fatality Priscilla took manage of Elvis Presley Enterprises and also built it to the organization it is today. Finding out to attend to the was a challenge. There to be no college for her; she it was observed others, consisting of Elvis" longtime manager Colonel Tom Parker, and learned through trial and also error.

"I learned a lot native the Colonel of what no to do"."The challenge with the heritage is to keep the top quality in and also keep his legacy so it"s always respected".

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For much more information top top Elvis and Priscilla to buy the Elvis through The Presleys DVD -- at end 4 hours this double DVD collection will tell you every little thing you want to recognize and more plus consists of lots of home movies the Elvis, Priscilla and also Lisa Marie. A need to for every fan! -- likewise there is Priscilla"s publication -- Elvis & Me.


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