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Taking to her Instagram, Priscilla Presley, 76, glossesweb.commmon a snapshot of she late mum holding ~ above a bouquet of flowers. She wrote: "I to be heartbroken. Mine beautiful mother passed today. She to be the irradiate of our lives. She never wanted any attention ~ above herself. Her kids were she everything.

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"May you rest In tranquility mom. Friend will always be through us."

Anna to be aged 95. A reason of death is currently unknown.

Many the Priscilla"s 248,000 followers flocked to her post to send their glossesweb.comndolences.

One glossesweb.commmented: "I"m thankful to have known her, even if it to be for a quick while. Might she rest in peace."


Priscilla Presley has actually been left "heartbroken" over she mum Anna"s fatality (Image: INSTAGRAM•PRISCILLAPRESLEY)


Priscilla to be married glossesweb.comme "the King of absent and" Roll" Elvis from 1967 glossesweb.comme 1973 (Image: GETTY)

A 2nd wrote: "So really sorry for your loss."

"My thoughts and prayers space with you and your family members Priscilla. Might your mother rest in peace," a 3rd added.

Anna provided birth glossesweb.comme Priscilla as soon as she to be 19 years old.

She bound the knot with Navy pilot James Wagner in 1944.


Priscilla"s granddaughter Riley Keough glossesweb.commmon a throwback of her late an excellent nan (Image: INSTAGRAM•RILEYKEOUGH)


Elvis Presley movies (Image: glossesweb.glossesweb.comm)

Priscilla was simply six month old once her father passed away in a airplane crash.

In 2019, it was reported the Elvis" ex-wife had moved in v her mum to look after ~ her.

Back in March, the businesswoman paid tribute to she on she 95th birthday.

She wrote: "Ninety five today! She can’t believe it! i asked her, ‘Mom, how old are you?’ She said, ‘I don’t know… 50?’

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"Mom, you’re 95!! She said, ‘WHAT!! five boy, I’m old!’”

Priscilla to be married to "the King of rock and" Roll" Elvis indigenous 1967 to 1973.

Four year after your divorce, he died from heart failure.

The former glossesweb.comuple have one daughter together, 53-year-old Lisa Marie Presley.



Priscilla is likewise mum 34-year-old American musician Navarone Garibaldi.

Elvis suffered his very own heartbreak when his mum Gladys died in 1958 age 46.

In the lead approximately her death, she had suffered bad health.

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Following she passing, he is report to have actually said: "She is every I ever lived for."

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