PRINCESS MARGARET to be the younger sister the Queen Elizabeth II, yet what was the cause of her death?


Princess Margaret cause of death: did Princess Margaret have cancer? (Image: GETTY)


Princess Margaret reason of death: Princess Margaret to be the younger sister that the Queen (Image: GETTY)

Margaret married Antony Armstrong-Jones in may 1960.

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Her husband to be made Earl that Snowdon and also Visglossesweb.comunt Linley later that year.

They walk on to have two youngsters together: mr Linley, born in 1961, and also Lady buy it Frances Elizabeth, was born in 1964.

The pair remained married for numerous years, yet their marriage liquified in might 1978.


Princess Margaret cause of death: Margaret was fourth in heat to the throne at the time of she birth (Image: GETTY)

In her later on years, Princess Margaret experienced from bad health.

She skilled a stroke in February 1998 when at her holiday residence in Mustique.

Margaret severely scalded her feet during a toilet accident 12 months later, which affected her mobility.

She later required support once walking and was in ~ times restricted to a wheelchair.

Princess Margaret had more strokes in 2000 and also 2001.

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Princess Margaret reason of death: Margaret married Antony Armstrong-Jones in 1960 (Image: GETTY)


Princess Margaret reason of death: Margaret had actually a glossesweb.comllection of health glossesweb.comncerns in later on life (Image: GETTY)


The Queens’ sister’s health prevented she from gift able to undertake many public engagements in these last years.

Margaret ongoing to support the work of plenty of of she organisations.

Her last main engagement was a visit to the Chelsea Flower display on might 21, 2001, and the 80th birthday of Prince Philip ~ above June 10, 2001.

Princess Margaret’s last public appearance was at the 100th birthday of Princess Alice, Duchess that Gloucester, in December 2001.


Princess Margaret cause of death: Princess Margaret died in 1952 (Image: GETTY)

Did Princess Margaret have cancer?

King George vi underwent surgical treatment for lung cancer in the months prior to he died.

He passed away five months later on February 6, 1952, leading to her sister ending up being the Queen.

Princess Margaret was known to have a good time and also she to be renowned for her love that smoking and also drinking prompting speculation v the years the Margaret emerged cancer favor her father.

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However, Margaret was never diagnosed through cancer.

Princess Margaret, 71, passed away on February 9, 2002, 3 days after ~ the anniversary of her father’s death.

She died one job after suffering one more stroke which brought about cardiac problems.

Her funeral took ar at St George’s Chapel in ~ Windsor Castle and she was cremated in ~ Slough Crematorium.

Her ashes were placed in the tomb of she parents, wherein her mother was also laid to rest after she died seven weeks ~ Margaret’s death.

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