The younger sister that Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret drew attention because that a personal life significant by controversial relationships.

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Who was Princess Margaret?

The younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret ended up being known for an independent streak, her reputation bolstered through a controversial partnership with royal equerry Peter Townsend. The princess wed photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones in 1960, however their marriage was also significant by scandal before their divorce in 1978, the very first in the royal family members in 400 years. Margaret died in London complying with a stroke on February 9, 2002.

Early Years

Princess Margaret climbed was born on august 21, 1930, at Glamis Castle, Scotland, the 2nd daughter of the Duke and Duchess that York. Adhering to the abdication of Edward VIII to marry American Wallis Simpson, her parents were crowned King George VI and also Queen Elizabeth in 1937.

As a child, Margaret delighted in swimming and also displayed a talent because that the piano. She to be educated in ~ Buckingham Palace but moved come Windsor castle upon the outbreak of human being War II.

Controversial Romance

Following the war, Margaret showed up in the general public eye much more frequently. Oft contrasted with her older sister, Elizabeth, the glamorous young beauty occurred a reputation as an independent spirit who enjoyed socializing late right into the night.

Margaret soon prospered close to team Captain Peter Townsend, a war hero and royal equerry, and their mystery relationship was revealed at the coronation of she sister, Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. However, Townsend was an larger man and also a recent divorcé, and also the partnership was stated to it is in frowned upon by the Church and also Parliament.

The Queen and Prime Minister Anthony Eden at some point reached an agreement in i m sorry Margaret could marry Townsend in exchange because that forfeiting her legal rights to succession. Ultimately, Margaret determined not to follow with with the arrangement, and also she announced her split from Townsend in October 1955.

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Marriage and Scandal

Princess Margaret at some point struck increase a connection with photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, that was appointed first Earl that Snowdon following their marital relationship in might 1960. Their son, David Albert Charles, was born in November 1961, and daughter, Lady sarah Frances Elizabeth, complied with in might 1964.



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By the so late 1960s, Margaret and Lord Snowdon's high-profile union was rumored to it is in on the rocks. Return they remained married, Margaret arisen a partnership with a younger see gardener called Roddy Llewellyn, which came to be known to the public as soon as the 2 were photographed with each other on vacation in early on 1976.

The press, i m sorry was currently grumbling about the princess's diminishing windy appearances, pounced on the affair. Margaret and also Lord Snowdon separated shortly after the scandal reached headlines, and also in might 1978 castle completed their divorce, the first by a british royal pair in 400 years.

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Charities and also Honors

Although she attracted the most attention for her extravagant lifestyle, Princess Margaret was connected with an ext than 80 charities and organizations. Among them, she offered as chairman of the National society for the avoidance of Cruelty to Children and president of the royal Ballet.

Additionally, Margaret to be appointed commander in cook of several military units, including the 15th/19th The King's imperial Hussars. She to be appointed Dame grand Cross of the royal Victorian bespeak in 1953 and the order of St. John of Jerusalem three years later, and was forgive the imperial Victorian Chain in 1990.

Health Problems and also Death

Like her father and following year of hefty smoking, Princess Margaret underwent an procedure to remove component of she left lung in early 1985. In 1993, she contract pneumonia.

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No longer the subject of media scrutiny, Margaret withdrew right into private life together the tabloids focused on Princess Diana and also a younger generation of royals. She faced increasing health difficulties in later on years, enduring a collection of strokes and also an accident with scalding bathwater. After her 3rd stroke, the princess passed away on February 9, 2002, in London.

More 보다 a decade later, Princess Margaret figured prominently in The Crown, a popular drama around the british monarchy throughout the regime of Queen Elizabeth II. Additionally, the 2018 documentary series Elizabeth: our Queen included a segment in which big sister revealed she approval of Margaret's relationship with Roddy Llewellyn, since "he made her really happy."

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