PRINCESS DIANA passed away in 1997 as soon as she was simply 36-years-old, leaving behind her 2 young sons, Prince William and also Prince Harry.

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How old to be William and Harry when their mother died: Diana died in Paris aged 36 (Image: GETTY)


How old were William and also Harry when their mommy died? The 2 were in Balmoral once Diana passed away (Image: GETTY)

The People’s Princess caught the heart of the public and her death was mourned across the world.

Whilst footage of Diana’s last days were beamed throughout the world, behind palace entrances two small boys to be left v the news that they would never see their mom again.

How old were Prince Harry and Prince William once Princess Diana died?

Prince william was 15-years-old and also Harry simply 12.


How old to be William and also Harry once their mommy died? Princess Diana was a keen skier (Image: GETTY)

The two princes spoke about the ns of their mom in an ITV documentary, Diana, our Mother: her Life and also Legacy.

William said: “She to be our mum. She tho is ours mum. She was the finest mum in the world.”

While harry fondly recalled: "She was one of the naughtiest parental - one of her mottos to me was, you deserve to be as naughty together you want, simply don’t gain caught.”

William and Harry to be spending your summer holidays in ~ Balmoral v their father, Prince Charles once Diana died.


How old to be William and also Harry when their mom died? william & bother walked behind Diana"s glossesweb.comffin (Image: GETTY)

The two princes had spoken to their mom on the phone call the day before the crash.

Diana was because of fly house the next day to be reunited with her boys.

A few days afterwards September 6, Prince William and also Harry walked behind the glossesweb.comffin of their mother, if an estimated 2.5 exchange rate people approximately the human being watched.

After the funeral, Diana to be laid to remainder in a private interment on a tiny island in the middle of an ornamental lake on her family’s estate.

Diana’s siblings, sons, mother and Prince Charles in addition to a clergyman to be present.

The enduring storage of Diana resides on, she kindness and also humanity won she adoration in the eyes of numerous throughout the world.

The two princes, whose partnership has end up being strained in current years, are as result of unveil a statue in honour of your mother’s memory on July 1.

The day of the event would have actually been Diana’s 60th birthday.

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