1990's Ghost to be an immediate box office smash and cemented Patrick Swayze and also Demi Moore together romcom icons.

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From its infamous pottery scene, come making the Righteous brothers cool again, to Whoopi Goldberg's scene-stealing performance, Ghost remains a pan favourite end 30 years later.

Here space some ghostly facts about the supernatural-romance film that you might not have known before:

It to be re-made in Japan

Ghost to be a decent hit in Japan, and twenty years it received its own remake.

The 2010 movie was titled Ghost: Mouichido Dakishimetai, which around translates come 'Ghost: In her Arms Again'.

It spawned a phase musical, and almost a TV show

The film influenced a musical stage version, Ghost: The Musical. The show premiered Manchester in in march 2011, prior to transferring come London. That has because been staged in miscellaneous tours approximately the world.

Meanwhile, in 2013, great TV had hired writer-producer Akiva Goldsman and showrunner Jeff Pinkner to compose a pilot based upon the movie.

Sadly, the TV show appears to have actually vanished right into thin air, however surely it's just a issue of time?

Patrick Swayze had actually flashbacks of his father's fatality while filming Ghost

Speaking to People in 1990, Patrick stated that filming through the plaster dummy representing his character’s human body reminded him of his father’s funeral, as soon as he practically passed the end from the shock of touching his father’s body.

“I had actually pushed the memory out of my life until that moment on place when that all come back, huge time,” he said.

“There to be a few scenes where something occurred to me the was an extremely scary.”

Demi Moore assumed Ghost would flop

Speaking in ~ a 2013 AFI Night in ~ the Movies screening that Ghost, Moore revealed that she had reservations about the film.

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“It’s a love story, and it’s a guy—a dead guy—trying to save his wife, and there is a comedy part, but really, really it’s a love story,” Moore said.

“And i thought, ‘Wow, this is really a recipe for disaster.’ It’s one of two people going to it is in something really special, really amazing, or yes, really an pure bust.”

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