The O. J. Simpson murder case, additionally labelled together The attempt of the Century, to be a highly publicized one that lugged local and international attention. And also while the case is still vividly psychic by countless to date, no one suffered its effects much more than Sydney Brooke Simpson, one of OJ Simpson's children with the so late Nicole Brown. Sydney was just 8 year old when her mom was killed, and also worse, she and also her 5-year-old brothers were asleep in Brown's condo the night that the murders. What is OJ Simpson's daughter as much as now?


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Sydney Brooke Simpson's biography

Sydney Simpson is one of the two youngsters OJ and Nicole Brown Simpson had. She and her brother Justin were eight and also five year old as soon as their mommy was brutally murdered together her friend Ron Goldman in ~ her home on June 12, 1994. However the kids' troubles did not end there. In fact, their mother's brutal death led come even much more trouble because that the family.

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Nicole Simpson's children were no only required to grapple with the idea that they would never see their mom again however to watch together their father, retirement NFL superstar O. J., to be accused of the murders and ultimately acquitted of the crime.

O.J. And Nicole Brown walk the red carpet with their youngsters Sydney and Justin. Photo: Ron DavisSource: Getty Images

How old is Sydney Brooke Simpson?

OJ and Nicole Simpson's daughter was born on October 17, 1985, definition that her period as that 2021 is 35 years.

Siblings: Who space O. J. Simpson's children?

Apart from Sydney, OJ and also Nicole Brown had one more child, a son named Justin. Sydney and also Justin additionally have half-siblings. OJ Simpson's other children are Jason, Arnelle, and also Aaren.


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Arnelle is the oldest among every one of OJ Simpson's children, and she has actually a close relationship with her dad. She and her younger brother, Jason, stood by your dad during his 1995 trial.

OJ had another child, a girl named Aaren, with his an initial wife, Marguerite Whitley, in 1977. Aaren was practically two year old when she drowning in the family pool.


Sydney to visit Gulliver Academy. She climate attended Boston University, whereby she graduated with a BA in Sociology native the school's university of Arts and also Sciences in might of 2010.


After her graduation, Sydney functioned as an event coordinator in ~ Canoe before moving come Florida, whereby she opened up her own business, Simpsy LLC. At the moment, she owns three properties and also a restaurant.

Personal life

Sydney was rumoured to be in a connection with genuine estate investor Robert Blackmon, who later declared that lock were just friends.


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Sydney arrives for Beauty and the Beast v feminist-rights activist and attorney Gloria Allred. Photo: Vince Bucci/AFPSource: Getty Images

She date Stuart Alexander Lee native 2007 come 2012. She met the after graduation and also moved v him to Atlanta, however the partnership did not last. She is now believed to it is in single.

Her mother's death and also father's incarceration

On June 13, 1994, O.J. Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend Ron Goldman were uncovered dead through multiple knife wounds exterior Brown's condominium.

Almost immediately, police doubt O.J. His relationship with Brown had been very abusive, and also after the divorce, O.J. Continued to harass Brown. This brought about the extremely publicized OJ Simpson trial the was labelled as The psychological of the Century.

While your father and his "Dream Team" that defense attorneys struggled to squash the case, Sydney and also her brothers Justin to be shielded from the general public eye by family members members.

During the trial, Sydney and Justin were kept out the the spotlight, life a life of custody split between their father and their mother's family.


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O.J. Make the efforts on a leather glove allegedly provided in the killing of Nicole Brown and also Ronald Goldman throughout testimony in Brown"s murder trial. Photo: Lee Celano/WireImageSource: Getty Images

When she was all grown up, Sydney Brooke provided a fake name, Portia, to defend herself from the media and local attention. In her work, she to be shy, reserved and also kept quiet so that her colleagues would certainly not watch her in a different light.

Sydney and her brothers Justin preserved a short profile while working at a restaurant in Georgia till one journalist tracked them under to disclose the new lives the Brown-Simpson kids were trying to lead.

What is Sydney Simpson's net worth?

According come Celebrity net Worth, Sydney Brooke's net worth is $10 thousand.

Where is Sydney Simpson now?

Sydney Brooke Simpson offered to reside in St. Petersburg, Florida back, in 2014. Sydney Simpson this day lives close to Brentwood in Los Angeles and also runs she own organization with her younger brothers Justin Ryan.

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Sydney Brooke Simpson not just suffered because of she mother's gruesome murder, but she likewise had to watch as her father to be accused of the murder. Also though the family members was currently in the limelight, this certain incident boosted the media's attention. Luckily, Sydney and her brother Justin have controlled to command a rather tranquil life away from the general public eye.


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