WEST side STORY star Natalie Wood gave Bernardo actor George Chakiris some advice he claimed she was best about.

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West side Story: The advice Natalie Wood gave Bernardo star George Chakiris "Never carry out it" (Image: GETTY)


George Chakiris this particular day by his and Natalie"s handprints in ~ Grauman"s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood (Image: GETTY)

George glossesweb.comntinued: “She knew ns was going to do monarchs of the Sun. I remember she said, ‘Don’t ever before do a glossesweb.comstume picture.’

“She didn’t think they to be a good thing to do. I guess she had a negative experience doing a glossesweb.comstume picture. I think ultimately, she to be right.”

However, the Oscar-winning star stated he did end up do the movie together it was part of his glossesweb.comntract.

He said: “But she gave good advice. She to be so professional and intelligent.”


George Chakiris and Rita Moreno through their West next Story Oscars (Image: GETTY)
George, psychic Natalie added: “And she to be 23 when we make the movie. I remember she was such a darling.”

The 86-year-old was likewise asked just how it felt to be celebrate the 60th anniversary that the original West next Story.

He enthused: “This is so amazing and also so, therefore extraordinary. No one ever thought that this film would have such an impact decades later.

“I’m really thrilled the the movie is being celebrated and respected. It’s a validation of the difficult work we all did.”

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George added: “And i think the deserves all the praise because it simply speaks to points that are appropriate in our human being today. Simply for one, prejudice.

“We hear about it every the time. And I think the movie touches top top that, something tho impacting our human being today.”

Originally set for release last Christmas, yet delayed due to the pandemic, Spielberg’s West side Story work again, please again stars Ansel Elgort together Tony the opposite Rachel Zegler together Maria.

Original Anita star Rita Moreno will play Doc’s widow Valentina, while two of the 1961 jets actors Harvey Evans (Mouthpiece) and also Bert Michaels (Snowboy) attribute as extras.


Reacting glossesweb.comme the an initial trailer, i beg your pardon premiered at the Oscars, George told Entertainment Weekly: “I loved that trailer. The did for me what it most likely did because that everybody, i beg your pardon is: I want to check out this.”

While other West next Story Oscar winner Rita, who additionally presented Best photo at this year’s Academy Awards, said: “It"ll be so exorbitant to in fact get to view it because I"ve always been so sure from the very first time we even heard the Steven Spielberg to be thinking about this — I assumed if anybody"s walking to execute this, it must be him since he will perform something wonderful.”

George added: “I"m so sure of that. I"m excited together anybody in looking front to this."

West next Story access time UK cinemas on December 10, 2021.

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