‘Pretty In Pink’ is just one of the iconic Brat Pack films of the 1980s. ~ 35 years, see how the actors of ‘Pretty In Pink’ has adjusted from climate to now.

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The 1980s was complete of so many memorable teenager films, and Pretty In Pink was one of them. The movie was released ~ above Feb. 28, 1986, and has stayed beloved also after nearly 40 years. Brat pack darling Molly Ringwald play Andie Walsh, the high school an elderly (and fashion icon) who drops for the rich and swoonworthy Blane.

Pretty In Pink additionally starred a fellow Brat load member Andrew McCarthy. It’s to be 35 years since nice In Pink to be released, and the main cast members room all grown up now. Take it a trip down storage lane and see the Pretty In Pink actors then and now.

Molly Ringwald

Molly Ringwald then and also now. (Paramount/Everett Collection/AP)

Molly Ringwald, 53, was among the best young stars that the 1980s. She starred as Andie Walsh in the struggle Brat fill film. Before pretty In Pink, Molly climbed to reputation in The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles. Her later on roles incorporate movies prefer The Pick-Up Artist, fresh Horses, and also the miniseries The Stand.

She go on come star as ann Juergens, Amy’s mom, in The secret Life of the American Teenager native 2008 to 2013. She has actually played mary Andrews on Riverdale due to the fact that 2017. Molly play Mrs. Flynn in the an initial two Kissing Booth movies and also will return because that the third film in 2021.

Molly married Valéry Lameignère in 1999. They divorce in 2002. She married Panio Gianopoulos in 2007. They have actually three kids together.

Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy then and also now. (Paramount/Everett Collection/AP)

Andrew McCarthy, 58, starred as the dreamy Blane McDonough in Pretty In Pink. Andrew was one of the members that the Brat load in the 1980s. He would certainly reunite through Molly in the 1988 film Fresh Horses. He also notably starred in ’80s movies choose St. Elmo’s Fire, Weekend in ~ Bernie’s, and Mannequin.

The actor showed up in a number of television films and also TV mirrors throughout the 1990s and 2000s. That has also stepped behind the camera and directed illustration of The Blacklist, Orange is the new Black, The Sinner, and more. Andrew play Mr. St. George in an episode of 13 factors Why in 2020. His memoir, Brat: one ’80s Story, will certainly be released in 2021.

He married his university sweetheart Carol Schneider in 1999. They have actually a son together. Andrew and Carol divorce in 2005. Andrew married Dolores Rice in 2011. They have actually two children together.

Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer then and also now. (Paramount/Everett Collection/AP)

Jon Cryer’s breakout duty was playing the above Duckie, Andie’s best friend, in nice In Pink. Jon, now 55, go on to have actually a variety of roles in TV and film prior to starring in the struggle CBS comedy series Two and a half Men. He played Alan Harper alongside Charlie Sheen and also Angus T. Jones. Ashton Kutcher would sign up with the cast in season 9 after ~ Charlie was fired native the show. Jon winner 2 Emmys throughout Two and also a fifty percent Men’s operation from 2003 come 2015. Complying with the end of Two and a fifty percent Men, Jon has actually gone top top to appear in shows prefer NCIS, Ryan Hansen Solves crime on Television and also Supergirl.He starred in the 2020 film Big Time Adolescence.

The actor married Sarah Trigger in 1999. They have actually a boy together. Jon and also Sarah divorce in 2004. That married Lisa Joyner in 2007. They embraced a daughter in 2009.

James Spader

James Spader then and also now. (Paramount/Everett Collection/AP)

James Spader, 61, starred as Blane’s arrogant finest friend, Steff, in the movie. He was in a variety of notable movies in the 1980s in addition to Pretty In Pink, consisting of Sex, Lies, and also Videotape, Baby Boom, Wall Street, Mannequin, and also more. He additionally notably starred in the 1994 film Stargate and also voiced Ultron in the 2015 movie Avengers: period of Ultron.

In the 2000s, James became a prolific tv actor. He very first appeared together Alan shore in the final season that The Practice and also got his own spinoff show, Boston Legal, which ran indigenous 2004 come 2008. He winner 3 Emmys because that his performance. He likewise starred together Robert California in The Office. James began playing Red in the NBC drama The Blacklist in 2013. The series is in the middle of its eighth season and also has to be renewed for a 9th season already.

James married Victoria Kheel in 1987. They have two sons. The pair divorced in 2004. He began dating Leslie Stefanson in 2002, and also they have actually one son together.

Annie Potts

Annie Potts then and also now. (Paramount/Everett Collection/AP)

Annie Potts, 68, played Iona, Andy’s boss and also best friend in Pretty in Pink. Simply a couple of year before, Annie rose to reputation in Ghostbusters. She reprised her Ghostbusters role in the 1989 sequel. Annie starred as mar Jo Jackson Shively in the CBS collection Designing Women indigenous 1986 to 1993. Annie likewise voiced the character of Bo Peep in the Toy Story movies.

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The actress was nominated for an Emmy in 1995 for her performance in the series Love & War and starred in the Lifetime show Any day Now. She right now stars in the CBS series Young Sheldon.