During the 90s, Michael Jordan and also the Chicago Bulls to be something different. The team won 6 NBA championships and broke many other documents in your prime.

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While the entirety team was fabulous, the significant credit because that the success the the Bulls goes come none other than Michael Jordan. MJ won a plethora of individual awards for his performances throughout that time and established himself together the biggest Of every Time (GOAT).

He was undefeated in the finals and also on a whole different level. One such record that Jordan organized that doesn't obtain talked about an ext often is the he lost just one playoff series from 1991 to 1998.

Yes, you heard the right. In that time span, MJ played in 26 playoff series and walked out through a victory in 25 the end of them. It's no surprised that that is well-known as the GOAT that basketball.

The only collection he lost was against Shaquille O'Neal and the Orlando Magic in the 1995 east Conference Semifinals. But a huge reason why he lost was the he was coming turn off a two-year break from the NBA.

He famously retired to go after his ambitions come play baseball. As a result, Jordan to be a  little rusty and out that touch.

Following that defeat, MJ put in a lot of work and also went top top to win three an ext NBA championships. Countless have debated what if he never retired. Maybe he might have had actually two an ext NBA titles under his belt.

Well, that's something because that fans come debate. Jordan retired because that the second time ~ winning the 1998 NBA Finals and also completing the second 3-peat of his career.

He went back one last time come play in the league in 2001, yet this time approximately for the Washington Wizards. Jordan's last stint was simply two brief years, where he endured a couple of injuries and failed to walk to the postseason also once.

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Michael Jordan left the basketball court for good in 2003 together a 40-year-old legend. He average an insane 30.1 clues per game for his career and also is still considered the greatest basketball player of all time for many basketball fans.



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