SHE’S dazzled the people as among the best sex icons of the 1950s and her tradition still stays on today.

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Marilyn Monroe took Hollywood through storm and had an illustrious career and string of men.


Actress Marilyn Monroe took the human being by storm throughout her career and her legacy is still solid todayCredit: AP:Associated Press

When go Marilyn Monroe die?

The blonde bombshell tragically passed far on august 5, 1962 at the age of 36.

She passed away from one overdose the the medicine barbiturates at her residence in Los Angeles, v the empty bottle of resting pills uncovered by her bed.

There have actually been number of conspiracy theories that her death was a murder, yet it to be officially rule as medicine overdose.

Hundreds that spectators crowded the streets near to her cemetery throughout her funeral and Hugh Hefner lugged the crypt next to Marilyn so he could be buried next come the star.

She died from a drug overdose at her residence in Los Angeles on August 5, 1962 in ~ the age of 36Credit: Getty Images

Who were Marilyn Monroe’s husbands?

Marilyn had actually three husbands during her lifetime, James Dougherty (from 1942 come 1946), Joe DiMaggio (from 1954 to 1955) and Arthur müller (from 1956 to 1961).

Growing up, Marilyn spent most of her time in foster homes.

She ended up marrying her friend James Dougherty as soon as she was simply 16, yet it to be shortlived.


Marilyn ended up marrying her boyfriend James Dougherty once she was simply 16Credit: Getty Images

This marriage later on fizzled together Marilyn started her modelling and also acting career, ~ being discovered by a photographer once she was working in a munitions manufacturing facility in California.

Her career began to take turn off in the 1950s and also after starring in Gentleman like Blondes and How come Marry a Millionaire in 1953, and Marilyn quickly ended up being one of the many sought after ~ A-listers that the time.

She married baseball great Joe DiMaggio in January 1954 ~ a two-year romance.

She married baseball good Joe DiMaggio in January 1954 after ~ a two-year romance, but it lasted nine monthsCredit: Getty Images

The marriage only lasted ripe months after reports that Joe’s jealousy and also they divorce in October that year.

She then started dating playwright Arthur Miller, and also their relationship ended up being serious in 1955 after her divorce from Joe was finalised and Arthur had separated native his wife.

She wed Arthur in 1956 however things had actually turned tart by 1961, thanks to her increasing emotional fragility, and also the pair shortly after divorced.

Marilyn wed Arthur in 1956 however things had turned cake by 1961 and the pair break-up upCredit: Getty Images

When did Marilyn Monroe song Happy Birthday, Mr. President?

Marilyn serenaded President man F. Kennedy to celebrate his 45th birthday on may 19, 1962.

The star shimmied onto stage in a stunning tight-fitting gown, which offered at auction because that a whopping $4.81million (£3.86million).

The 1962 performance was held at Madison Square Garden and also lasted under 30 seconds, yet made quite the impression because that the 15,000 guests who watched.

It prompted rumours of an affair between Marilyn and also the President, that was assassinated on November 22, 1963.

Marilyn's iconic dress for her to sing Happy date of birth to president Kennedy had actually 2,500 hand sewn crystals on itCredit: Getty Images

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What to be Marilyn Monroe’s dress size?

Many people think Marilyn Monroe was a voluptuous size 16 and also she if she was undoubtedly curvy, this is not strictly true by today’s standards.

In the 1980s, the US readjusted their sizing guides to permit for more ego-stroking sizes, an interpretation a size 16-18 in the 1950s would this particular day be a dimension 8.

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However, sizing varies country to country and also even brand come brand, so it is challenging to to speak her exact size today.


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