1923-2014 (age 90)

Mae Young will forever be remembered in the people of skilled wrestling for being a fierce competitor and also pioneer in the women’s division. Even after ~ her death, she remains among the most well known female wrestlers of all time.

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Many experienced wrestlers have actually died before age 50, but no Mae Young. Born in 1923 as Johnnie Mae Young, she was the youngest of eight siblings. Mae lived through the good depression through a wrestling job that started in 1939. Who would’ve thought that 60 years later she would be acquisition bumps v tables?

Never afraid to take a bump: 77 year old Mae Young take away a powerbomb turn off the entrance with a table, courtesy that Bubba beam Dudley.

Over the course of her career, Mae Young won the NWA United says Women’s Championship and the NWA Women’s human being Tag Team Championship through Ella Waldeck.

Fans that weren’t the town hall Mae in her wrestling heyday in the 1950s will most likely remember she for the infamous angle with mark Henry throughout the WWF’s attitude era. Mae was well right into her 70s at the time, and also continued to make occasional WWE appearances indigenous 2002 to 2010 prior to officially retiring.

Details the the Mae Young Death

In the late 1990’s, Mae Young to be still taking bumps. Here she is functioning the Fabulous Moolah throughout the October 21st, 1999 illustration of SmackDown. Photo: wwe.com

In 2013, Mae’s health deteriorated and she was put on hospice care. She was hospitalized ~ above December 31, 2013 and also reported to be in negative health.

Young was released indigenous the hospital, yet died approximately one year later on January 14, 2014. She was house at the moment in Columbia, south Carolina and also died of natural causes.

Mae Young was 90 years old at the moment of her death.

In accordance v her wishes, Young was buried at Greenlawn Memorial Park, located in Columbia, south Carolina. Her funeral site is not much from where her great friend, The Fabulous Moolah, to be laid come rest ago in 2007.


Mae Young’s grave at Greenlawn Memorial Park in Columbia, southern Carolina. Photo: pinterest

Confusion over the Mae Young death Story

In among the more ridiculous angles in WWF’s “Attitude Era” – mark Henry finds a love interest in the 80 year old Mae. Photo: wwe.com

There was confusion bordering the fatality of Mae Young resulted in by the media. ~ above January 9, 2014, the Charleston Post and Courier, a regional newspaper in the city whereby Mae Young lived, reported that she had actually died. The news turned out to be false, however not prior to many were mourning her passing on social media.

Mae Young died five days later on – January 14, 2014.

Because that the false fatality report in the job prior, when the WWE announced on your website that she died on January 14, many wondered about if it was legitimate. Sadly, in this instance the news was no a false report.

Paying Tribute after the Mae Young fatality News

Once it became clear that Mae Young had indeed passed away, the people of professional wrestling began to pay respects. ~ above January 16, 2014, TNA’s impact Wresting was specialized to Mae’s memory. The WWE additionally paid tribute to Mae Young through dedicating the January 17 illustration of SmackDown come Mae.

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Wrestlers Pay your Respects

Following the Mae Young death news, numerous wrestlers took to social media. The rock tweeted that he had actually “deep affection” for her and called her a “wrestling pioneer” if Stephanie McMahon referred to as her a “legend.” Titus O’Neil claimed she was among the “greatest women” he ever before met, and also Jim Ross stated that her toughness was inspiring.