Tom Kelly (left) and Billy Steinberg.

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Steinberg & Kelly were both really happy with the completed song and demo. Lock felt the “Like A Virgin” was a an extremely original song, and also that it could be a fight if the right artist tape-recorded it. However, the tune was happen on by many labels, producers and artists end the following year.

“We do the efforts to place ‘Like A Virgin,’ but everyone looked in ~ us choose we to be nuts,” stated Steinberg. “Some civilization even asked us to adjust the title. Ns knew that contrasted to most mainstream pop lyrics, the title and theme might seem a little jolting and risque. However I chosen the idea of composing a lyric concept which hadn’t quite been done before.”

It remained in 1984 the the duo had actually a momentous meeting with A&R exec Michael Ostin, that was then senior Vice chairman at Warner Bros. Records. Steinberg & Kelly played Ostin countless songs that were more in a rock vein, which presented the duo together potential artists. The was just at the finish of the conference that they play “Like A Virgin.”

“We to be nervous about playing ‘Virgin’ for Ostin, yet at the end of the conference we lastly played it,” defined Kelly. “When he heard it, he flipped end the song. He claimed it would certainly be an excellent for his artist Madonna come record. Madonna at the time wasn’t a significant artist yet , but it was clear the she would be a perfect artist to song this song.”

It was quickly thereafter that Ostin played the track for Madonna, and it subsequently ended up being the title track and first single native Madonna’s second album. “Like A Virgin” went on to become a #1 an international hit, and also spent six weeks atop the Billboard “Hot 100” singles chart. The spectacular success the the solitary resulted in “Like A Virgin” becoming a milestone achievement for Steinberg & Kelly, and for Madonna.

“It was one of those moments with time and room when everything came together,” described Kelly.

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Steinberg added, “When you’re songwriters , and also you create a song favor ‘Virgin,’ then you have to uncover the ideal singer to place the tune with. We were lucky the Madonna come along, due to the fact that I don’t think anyone else could have put the song throughout quite choose she did.”