HOME Alone star macaulay Culkin is one of couple of celebrities who have actually been famous due to the fact that the period of 8.

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The residence Alone star and also his longtime girlfriend Brenda Song newly welcomed their first child together, boy Dakota, top top April 5, 2021.

macauleay Culkin is an American actor and former boy starCredit: Splash News

How old is macauleay Culkin?

Macaulay, 40, was born august 26, 1980, and also is an American actor, author and musician.

He started his career as a kid actor, showing up in movies Rocket Gibraltar (1988) and also Uncle Buck (1989), but shot to global stardom as soon as he played Kevin McCallister in the Christmas movie house Alone (1990) - the reprised the duty for home Alone 2 (1992).

After the success of residence Alone, he went on to star in mine Girl (1991), The good Son (1993), The Pagemaster (1994) and Richie wealthy (1994) - he was then lacking from movies for nearly a decade, prior to returning to exhilaration to star in the film Party Monster (2003) and Saved! (2004).

Macaulay famously divorced his parental in 1994.


that shot to fame play Kevin McCallister in house AloneCredit: Alamy

What is macauleay Culkin's net worth?

Macaulay amassed his fortune throughout his time together a kid star.

After the success of the very first Home Alone film, that earned a enormous £3.2 million for the film's sequel.

He to be then paid £5.6 million for Getting also With Dad and also the very same sum for Richie Rich.

He is now reportedly precious £15 million.


The actor was famously friends v the so late Michael JacksonCredit: Rex Features

Has Macaulay to be married before? who is he dating right now?

In 1998, aged just 18, macaulay married actress Rachel Miner, yet the couple separated in 2000 and divorce in 2002.

Fresh indigenous his divorce, he began dating the then-little-known actress Mila Kunis, but the pair split in 2006.

Since July 2017, macauleay has been in a relationship with actress Brenda Song, who is a previous Disney star. Brenda, 33, gave birth on Monday, April 5, in Los Angeles, through her and also Macaulay’s newborn kid Dakota weighing 6 pounds, 14 ounces.

The couple revealed the news to Esquire, sharing: “We’re overjoyed.”


Macaulay date the stunning Mila Kunis before she to be a movie starCredit: Handout

How walk Macaulay understand Michael Jackson?

Macaulay to be very great friends with the so late Michael Jackson from the early 90s, appropriate up until his fatality in 2009.

In 2019 macacayy revealed the he and also Michael came to be friends because they both knew what it was prefer to it is in a "child who was famous".

He has constantly denied allegations he was sexually abused by the popular music star and in a new interview top top the within of You v Michael Rosenbaum podcast, he defined how their friendship concerned be.

He said: “A many things were happening, huge and rapid with me and also I think he determined with that."

The gibbs famously speak up in defence of her dad Michael when he confronted child molestation fees in 2003 - something i m sorry the late singer was acquitted of.

Mac is however to talk about the controversial leaving Neverland documentary.

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In march 2019 it was reported how throughout Michael Jackson's 2005 kid molestation trial macauleay testified the the singer had alarm bells leading up to his bedroom to educate him if anyone was approaching.



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