Luther Vandross, recognized as the “velvet voice,” was praised for his smooth R&B sound. He was born on April 20, 1951, and also died top top July 1, 2005, in ~ the age of 54, 2 years after ~ a stroke. He added many musical gems to the to chat world, including the hit song Never too Much, Power that Love, and Dance with My Father. This is a look at Vandross’ net worth and career.

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Luther Vandross’ increase to fame


Luther Vandross in 1991 | Paul Natkin/Getty Images

Vandross made a name for self in the entertainment industry after to sing background for stars such together David Bowie, Chaka Kahn, Bette Middler, and also Diana Ross. After ~ spending part time performing background vocals, Vandross joined the group readjust and led the team as its featured vocalist. He was likewise a member of the singing group Luther. He later on moved on and also became a solo artist. In 1981, he released his debut album Never too Much.

During a 1992 interview v MTV, Vandross claimed he knew beforehand he had actually a gift. “I always knew I had a an excellent sense of pitch and melody and also tone,” the says. “But when I found I could actually sing, probably was in my early on teenage years.”

Luther Vandross’ albums

Luther Vandross was honored with a Google Doodle on April 20, 2021.

After publication his debut album, Never as well Much, Vandross exit Forever, because that Always, because that Love, in 1982. In 1983, he come out with the album Busy Body. His various other albums include Power the Love (1991), Songs (1994), and also Luther Vandross (2001). He released his last album, Dance through My Father, in 2003.

Vandross said MTV the if you want to be a memorable entertainer, it’s important to actually have talent. “There’s nothing that you can do, if you don’t have actually the music talent, there’s nothing you have the right to do to make you a singer the note,” stated Vandross. That also added that talent alone no enough. He believed that “hard work is the roadway to success.”

Luther Vandross’ awards

In 1991, Vandross winner a Grammy award for his song “Here and also Now.” The following year, he won a Grammy compensation in the ideal R&B song category for “Power the Love/Love Power.” He likewise won a soul Train Music Award. That went ~ above to victory many an ext Grammys for songs consisting of “Dance with My Father” (2004) and also “The Closer I acquire to You” (2004). Overall, Vandross won a complete of eight Grammy awards.

Throughout his career. Vandross was additionally awarded with plenty of American Music Awards, NAACP photo Awards, and also Soul Train Music Awards.

Luther Vandross’ TV and also movie appearances

Vandross had a couple of roles in television and also movies. Among his beforehand roles to be on Sesame Street. He showed up in the pilot illustration in 1969 and another illustration in 1970. In 1978, he showed up in The Whiz as among the choir singers. In 1991, Vandross play the cool Wizard in an illustration of Eureka’s Castle titled “Don’t Touch the Box!”

After that, Vandross showed up in the 1993 movie The Meteor Man, in i m sorry he played the character Jamison. Vandross’ other roles incorporate appearances in Touched by one Angel (2002); Beverly Hills, 90210 (1997); and also Zack of every Trades (1984).

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Luther Vandross’ net worth

At the time of his death, Vandross had an estimated net precious of $40 million, according to Celebrity network Worth.