Lucille ball agreed come star in I Love Lucy only if she real-life husband was actors in the co-starring role. Network executives and also sponsors, mirroring xenophobic perspectives of the 1950s, hesitated come showcase one interracial marriage on television. As Lucy remembered: castle “said the public wouldn’t believe I was married come Desi.” Lucille Ball organized her ground and also ultimately showed that the American public no only welcomed Desi Arnaz however venerated the as among the most influential artists the the era, and of the 20th century. 



Lucille round was the very first woman to show up pregnant on among the three major television networks. Desilu Studios consulted v network censors and leaders from different religious organizations to recognize that Lucy Ricardo would certainly be explained as “expecting” fairly than “pregnant.”



William Frawley to be a devout baseball fan and had the written right into his contract the he walk not have to work once the Yankees were in the world Series—which they were in 1951, 1952, 1953, 1956, and also 1958. The Fred Mertz character was written out of 2 episodes therefore contractual clause.

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Lucy and also Ricky Ricardo’s fictitious phone number to be Murray Hill 5-9975. The brand-new York Bell Telephone firm designated this un-used number especially for the show. 



The I Love Lucy Christmas illustration was one of the an initial holiday specials in television history. The was gotten rid of from consistent rerun syndication because that decades. In 2013, 8.7 million viewers tuned in as soon as CBS aired a colorized version of the episode during the holiday season.



Most television reflects in the early on 1950s were shot live in brand-new York City. I Love Lucy was among the very an initial shows to movie in Los Angeles, contributing to a tendency that developed Hollywood together the resources of broadcast in the unified States.


Lucille Ball’s mother, DeDe, attended every single taping the I Love Lucy and also her distinctive laughter can be heard clearly on the show’s soundtrack. 


The pilot episode of i Love Lucy was shot on march 2, 1950, which to be Desi Arnaz’s 33rd birthday. The illustration was considered “lost” for nearly 40 years until an original 35mm publish was discovered in the house of Pepito Perez, among Desi Arnaz’s closest an innovative collaborators. The first couple of seconds the the film were damaged past repair, however the remainder of the show was aired in a distinct CBS tribute top top April 30, 1990, organized by Lucie Arnaz.


I Love Lucy’s credit sequences originally featured cartoon version of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo the were produced by the Hanna–Barbera computer animation studio. This credits were changed by the much more familiar satin heart logo design in syndication.


In 1952, I Love Lucy became the very very first sitcom to reach #1 in the Nielsen ratings, wherein it continued to be for 4 of its 6 seasons.


I Love Lucy was adjusted for television from the renowned radio comedy My favorite Husband, i beg your pardon featured Lucille ball opposite Richard Denning. The radio display was written by Jess Oppenheimer, Madelyn Pugh, and also Bob Carroll Jr., who all walk on to compose for I Love Lucy.


“Lucy Goes to the Hospital,” an episode featuring the bear of small Ricky, was perceived by 44 million people—15 million much more viewers than would tune in to watch President Eisenhower’s inauguration the next day. With 71.7% of American family members tuned in, it remains among the most-viewed broadcasts in TV history.


Lucille Ball’s an individual favorite illustration of I Love Lucy was “Lucy’s Italian Movie,” during which she hilariously stomps grapes in ~ a winery in Italy.


The original I Love Lucy concept was around a successful orchestra leader and his movie star wife. Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, and their authors ultimately chose it was an ext interesting – and much more relatable – if the characters were not portrayed as wealthy and also famous.


Every illustration of ns Love Lucy was shot in prior of a live audience of 300 ticketed viewers, regularly tourists visiting Hollywood from roughly the country. Prior to each taping, Desi Arnaz acted together emcee, introducing the cast to the audience and also warming the group up for the show.


Although network executives refused the price of shoot a television collection on high-quality film, Arnaz and Ball insisted. They offered to pick up the tab because that the extra price under the condition that they would certainly retain property of the films. That negotiation is widely considered one the the smartest business decisions in the background of American entertainment, together Desilu Studios went on to develop the concept of the “rerun” and use revenues from the I Love Lucy display syndication to fund the expansion of the studio.

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I Love Lucy to be pioneering for its use of multiple, at the same time filming cameras and also a live studio audience. It was likewise one that the an initial TV reflects to it is in shot on 35mm film, rather than broadcast live.


Lucille Ball considered I Love Lucy to be a kind of “exaggerated satire.” together she explained, “We start with a normal premise; climate take our characters past that.” though the Lucy Ricardo character frequently finds herself in situations that it seems to be ~ to be “farfetched,” castle are always rooted in motivations that space “very logical.”


During Lucy Ricardo’s on-screen pregnancy, hundreds of thousands of females from about the country wrote to Lucille Ball. As she remembered, “After our infant was born, I received thirty thousands congratulatory telegrams and also letters.”

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