Lindsay Lohan's The parental Trap body dual Erin Mackey claims she's 'very grateful' to have been component of the movieBy Christine Estera| 1 year ago

You'd never ever guess Lindsay Lohan wasn't a real-life twin after watching her in the 1998 hit, The parent Trap. In the movie, the actress expertly play the functions of both Hallie and also Annie, pre-teen campmates who uncover they space in reality long-lost twins.

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So just exactly how did Lohan, who was simply 12 in ~ the time, pull it off? v a small help native CGI magic and a body double, that's how.

Look-alike Erin Mackey to be tapped on the shoulder to appear opposite Lohan, a function she was evidently born to play. Both girls had fiery red hair, both were the very same age, and also both were about the same elevation — Mackey is currently 167cm, while Lohan stands at 165cm.

Lindsay Lohan and Erin Mackey on the collection of The parent Trap through Dennis Quaid and also Natasha Richardson. (Buena Vista Pictures)

The movie's director, Nancy Meyers, touched on Mackey's casting when the original actors reunited because that the first time because that an interview v Katie Couric top top July 20 (US time), 22 years after the movie was released. 

"If you turn simply a small bit as well much, you might see that it wasn't Lindsay, yet it was ultimately a funny experience and experiment. It worked, and also even if you look in ~ it now, that looks quite good," Meyers stated in the Instagram reunion, i beg your pardon featured Lohan and castmates Dennis Quaid, Elaine Hendrix, Lisa Ann Walter and also Simon Kunz, and also writer Charles Shyer. 

Mackey was additionally moved by the current reunion, and also took come Instagram come share exactly how she loved seeing the actors together on display again.

"What an pure gem of a reunion and walk down memory lane," Mackey created on Instagram Stories. "Very grateful to have actually been part of this spectacular film."

Erin Mackey responds come reunion video clip on Instagram. (Instagram)

The parental Trap to be Mackey's first role ever and also she walk on to become a Broadway star. Transparent the noughties, the actress showed up in the Chicago, Los Angeles and Broadway productions that Wicked, playing Glinda the an excellent Witch of the North.

She has additionally starred in the musicals Sense & Sensibility, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber that Fleet Street, Sondheim top top Sondheim, Anything Goes and Chaplin. Mackey has additionally ventured into TV and film, showing up on Gossip Girl and much more recently The Intern, starring ann Hathaway and Robert De Niro.

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But The parent Trap will always be close come Mackey's heart as she recalled receiving a special gift indigenous onscreen mum Natasha Richardson after filming. The actress sadly passed away in 2009 from a mind injury she suffered during a skiing accident. 

"Every couple years, people rediscover that there to be someone that played the other twin opposite because that the objectives of the means they necessary to placed it together, and also she required a step partner. It's funny, every few years it kind of resurfaces as type of being this large internet buzz," Mackey common on The Tiara speak Show in 2015.

Lindsay Lohan and also Erin Mackey now, 22 years after the initial movie. (Getty)

"It to be really fun we to be shooting at a camp, one old camp in Lake Arrowhead , therefore it was really favor being in ~ summer camp," Mackey recalled. "One of mine favourite things, ns still have it, provided Lindsay and I both lockets at the end of the shots. They to be these beautiful, gold Tiffany lockets through our initials engraved on it, favor Hallie and Annie had actually in the movie... And also it's really really special come me."