Paul McCartney"s first wife Linda was unaware her breast cancer to be so advanced when she died, because the previous Beatle wanted her to gain the time she had actually left.

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Paul McCartney"s very first wife Linda to be unaware her chest cancer was so advanced when she died, because the previous Beatle want her to enjoy the time she had actually left.

The photographer, singer and animal legal rights activist to be diagnosed through the disease in 1995, and also she underwent many sessions that chemotherapy in a bid to rid she body of the disease.

However, when the treatment failed and also Linda"s hair began to prosper back, McCartney made decision not to burden his wife v the complete seriousness that her ongoing cancer diagnosis, for this reason she could live her life together she pleased.

Writing in brothers newspaper The Sunday Times, McCartney explains: "At the moment she knew she to be ill, however she"d had chemo and also her hair was growing back.

"I"m no actually sure she ever knew she was dying. You have a decision to make as a family regarding whether friend tell someone and also the doctors leave it come you, the instant family.

"I speak it over with the doctor and he said: `I don"t think she would desire to know. She is such a strong, forward-thinking lady and such a positive girl that i don"t think it would do any good.""

Linda passed far on 17 April 1998, aged 56, at the family"s ranch in Arizona.

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