Kevin Bacon occupies a distinctive place in popular music culture. An acclaimed and also prolific film and TV gibbs who"s been functioning regularly since the so late "70s, Bacon was established not to walk the way of other teenage heartthrobs. Therefore he reinvented his job in the early "90s, and as a result, wound up in some of the most celebrated films of the last couple of decades. 

But as superior as creating a effective acting career is every on that is own, the isn"t just his credits the make Kevin Bacon together an exciting figure. He"s do not be afraid in his selection of roles, often embracing parts that other high-profile actors wouldn"t walk near. He likewise refuses to it is in pinned down to a single creative pursuit, and has to be a skilled musician because the mid-"90s. He"s the idol that star-spanning superheroes, he to be the victim of among the century"s many reviled crooks, and perhaps most famously (and with no effort on his part), his career has turned right into a famous party game. This is the untold fact of Kevin Bacon, Hollywood"s most surprising star.

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Actors often go to great lengths come immerse themselves in your roles. There room stories, because that example, of Tom Holland walking undercover in a brand-new York City high school before filming 2019"s Spider-Man: far from Home, and also Halle Berry visiting an actual cracked den because that her duty in 1991"s Jungle Fever. In the instance of Kevin Bacon"s prep for his breakout leading role in the 1984 musical Footloose, the actor has said a solitary day that research had actually a powerful impact on his performance.

Speaking to HuffPost in 2014, Bacon said he go undercover in a Provo, Utah high institution for sooner or later in preparation for his duty as Footloose"s Ren McCormack, and also claimed it had a "very, really profound effect" on his work. "It was a terrifying day wherein a city boy goes to a farmers" job school," Bacon recalled. "People made funny of my tie, made fun of mine hair, made funny of the totality thing." Along through recounting how much he was bullied, Bacon stated someone he dubbed a "corn-fed kid" felt bad for him and also took the under his wing.

That"s a lot of to endure in just one day. Of course, us don"t recognize if Bacon do the efforts to usage the power of dance to aid himself out, however somehow, we"re pretty sure he didn"t.


In the mid-"80s, Kevin Bacon looked to be on monitor to come to be one the Hollywood"s next leading men. However that isn"t what happened. Speak to NME in October 2020, Bacon stated he was at "the peak of the mountain in Hollywood through Footloose," however that after ~ the movie, he "was kind of sliding earlier down the various other side." What complied with was a wire of leading roles, but largely in flops prefer 1986"s Quicksilver and the 1991 romantic comedy He Said, She Said. Quit by this disappointments, Bacon decided it was time to look at his career differently.

Rather than being a top man, Bacon focused on coming to be a an excellent character actor. Speaking to The Guardian in 2017, Bacon said, "When ns made the choice not come look for things where my surname was above the title, that began a whole brand-new thing because that me." Roles the followed consisted of Jack Ross, the prosecutor facing off against Tom Cruise in 1992"s A couple of Good Men, astronaut Jack Swigert in 1995"s Apollo 13, and most shockingly to countless of Bacon"s contemporaries, a sex worker in 1991"s JFK.

"People said, "Wow, I never ever thought I"d see you execute that!"" Bacon told NME. "Of course, for me and also for the human being that in reality knew me the was no a surprise ... I"ve to be doing, you know, stunner offbeat characters for a really long time. However to the basic Hollywood industry, the was a new thing."


One the Kevin Bacon"s earliest high-profile functions was the of doomed Jack Burrell in the 1980 slasher classic, Friday the 13th. Decades after the movie premiered in June 2020, Bacon confessed to Entertainment Weekly that a morbid fan reaction to the movie haunts him come this day.

Like a the majority of characters, Kevin Bacon"s Jack doesn"t survive Friday the 13th. Together Bacon described, ""I"m lie there, and also the hand comes the end from under the bed and pins mine head down, and then an arrow comes shooting the end from the back, underneath the cot, through my neck and also out with the front." when Bacon told EW that the was forced to stay in a "torturous position" for the shot, that isn"t what proceeds to bother him around the scene. 

In despite the of the plenty of roles Bacon"s enjoyed since Friday the 13th, the shoot of Jack"s fatality is the photograph fans ask him to sign many often. "I"m always horrified by the truth that, once it involves autograph hounds, that"s more than likely the number one photo that I"m asked to sign," Bacon said. "Me, with blood coming the end of mine mouth and an arrow through my neck. Friend know, I"m a quite easygoing guy. After ~ a while, it just gets come you. You"re like, "Really, carry out I have to sign another snapshot of me dead?""

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At this point, large name actors attempting to use their Hollywood clout to sell documents is a cliche. Actors favor Lindsay Lohan and Corey Feldman famously embarked on musical careers, which finished up serving mostly as fuel for punchlines and also memes. Yet The Bacon Brothers space something altogether different. 

Kevin Bacon and also his older brothers Michael, one Emmy-winning musical composer, have actually released 10 albums together The Bacon Brothers, consisting of 2020"s The way We Love. While lock officially formed in 1995, the pair speak they have been play together since they were children, writing on their website, "We"ve been doing this for several decades if you go earlier to once we first had tools in our hands. Us were elevated in a household that appreciated every little thing that to be artistic." amongst their influences they surname The Beatles, Motown, Led Zeppelin, the singer-songwriters the the "70s, and "an array of archetypical folkies."

Still, Kevin Bacon doesn"t have any illusions around why a lot of people show up to Bacon brothers concerts. "Sometimes they desire to watch what ns look like in person," he told The Guardian, "and you simply hope they leave going, "The tape was good."" Apparently, the Bacon family"s musical talents aren"t limited to Kevin and Michael: Kevin"s boy Travis is likewise a musician, performing together a guitarist for the black steel band black Anvil.


One the the most amazing phenomena to arise from Kevin Bacon"s fame is the game Six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Based upon the so-called six levels of separation — the idea the everyone is no an ext than 6 social relations away from anyone else — Six levels of Kevin Bacon operates ~ above the premise the you should be may be to connect Kevin Bacon to any other actor by naming six or under movies. 

Bacon wasn"t fond of the game when he very first heard about it. When The Guardian interviewed the in 2017, he said he thought the game was a hoax at his cost — the the point was to compare him unfavorably come whichever gibbs he to be being "connected" to. The was additionally concerned the the game developed an unfair impression the he"s "more famous for being famous than because that anything ever acted in."

But Bacon ultimately realized the game isn"t intended to demean him, and is, in fact, miscellaneous he could use for good. In 2007, Bacon founded, a charitable foundation that helps other charities progressive money for their causes.

There"s a really great chance girlfriend haven"t seen one of Kevin Bacon"s best films. Exit in 2004, The Woodsman features what Today called Bacon"s "career performance" – however plenty of civilization were great the actor would go all over near the function in question. In the film, Bacon theatre Walter, a pedophile who"s just returned indigenous prison and also is do the efforts to regulate his urges. 

 According to Bacon, even some of the people making the film to be surprised he to be willing to take the role. Together he recalled, The Woodsman"s producer Lee Daniels asked him, ""Why would certainly you desire to execute a movie whereby you beat a kid molester? That"s prefer the kiss of death for actors!"" Bacon self admitted in a 2005 interview through Roger Ebert that he was searching for the precise opposite kind of role. "I wanted to carry out something more mainstream," Bacon insisted. "I want to execute something whereby I actually got paid, friend know. Ns was simply coming off of Mystic River and i didn"t want to carry out anything dark." however Nicole Kassell"s screenplay for The Woodsman was as well compelling. "I feeling the movie chose me, in a way," Bacon said. "I couldn"t to speak no." indigenous a an essential standpoint, in ~ least, it seems he made the appropriate choice, as it"s among the many acclaimed films Bacon"s ever appeared in.

In 2009, Kevin Bacon and wife Kyra Sedgwick"s names come up in the news as two of the much more famous victim of Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff. The well known crook swindled upwards the $50 exchange rate from unsuspecting investors prefer Bacon and Sedgwick. The news led to a the majority of speculation around the couple"s gaue won situation, many of i m sorry Bacon states isn"t true. 

When he speak to The Guardian about that in 2017, Bacon declined to say precisely how much he and also Sedgwick lost, however the number is thought to it is in in the millions. "It was a poor day," Bacon says. "But pretty conveniently we were able to view all the things we had actually as protest to whatever we lost, and those are the best cliches: children, health, love, a nice home." Bacon added that he felt it to be the much less wealthy investors that were Madoff"s " victims," and that he rarely even thinks of the crook.

Bacon additionally dispelled the widely-held id that the money he and Sedgwick lost to Madoff is why he chose to show up in a 2012 EE mobile phone ad campaign. When asked around it, Bacon insisted there to be "no connection at all," if laughing.

As pan of 2014"s Guardians that the Galaxy know well, Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), leader that the titular tape of an are heroes, surname Kevin Bacon as one of his idols. As soon as the green-skinned Gamora (Zoe Saldana) states she doesn"t dance, Star-Lord tells her about an planet "legend" in i beg your pardon "a good hero, called Kevin Bacon," teaches a city that "dancing is the biggest thing over there is." You could understandably assume the someone let Bacon know he is honored in the film, however according come the actor, he had no idea.

Bacon said NME the not long after Guardians premiered, someone asked Bacon if he"d viewed the movie. "And ns said, "No, I"m not planning top top going." castle said, "Okay, you must go."" everyone Bacon speak to controlled to store the surprised under wraps, and also Bacon ultimately took your advice. "I satellite in the theater all alone ~ above a Tuesday afternoon. And there that was, and it was really sort of shocking."

Bacon stated he to be "touched" through the mention and reminded NME he"d no only operated with Guardians writer-director James Gunn before, yet on a superhero film together well: Bacon played the knevish Jacques in the 2010 black color comedy Super. Bacon walk on to muse, "when girlfriend look at something prefer The Boys or also Kick-Ass, you know, Super was kind of ahead of its time, simply in regards to a concept."

One genre Kevin Bacon says he hasn"t acquired to discover is comedy, and he doubt it"s due to the fact that it"s "a tiny cliquish." the told The Independent that he thinks details actors who display aptitude because that comedy "find their method into these teams of comics and, because they"re there, they get opportunities to carry out it again and also again and again." 

Ironically, as soon as Bacon is affiliated in a comedy, he"s normally not play a character, yet a satirized version of himself. In 2010, he proved up as himself in the "Forty-Two Down!" episode of the HBO comedy Bored come Death, in which the expresses attention in play the movie version of Ray"s (Zach Galifianakis) comic publication character, at sight Ray. In a 2019 illustration of SMILF entitled "So possibly I watch Feminine," Bacon cheats on his wife with the collection lead, Bridgette (Frankie Shaw). He additionally appeared together himself in two episodes that the popular sitcom Will & Grace.

And then, that course, there room his EE cell phone commercials, which include ads in which the plays many "Bacons" from different movies. We"ve got A few Good Men Bacon, Apollo 13 Bacon, and even Friday the 13th Bacon, finish with an arrow sticking out of his back.

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For a lengthy time, Kevin Bacon want absolutely nothing to carry out with television. His feeling on the topic were for this reason strong, he told The Guardian, that his supervisors knew come never carry it up. Just mentioning the idea would infuriate him: "I"d look in ~ it like a vote of no trust in my movie career," he said, "that ns was going to be sent out off come the tv graveyard."

Two things adjusted the actor"s mind. First, Bacon couldn"t deny the what he was watching on TV to be getting much better and better. "I looked at the stuff ns was consuming," Bacon said. "The Sopranos, The Wire – and I realized the writers went to TV since they"d to be screwed through the movies." yet the key reason was Bacon"s wife, Kyra Sedgwick. Sedgwick is best known as the experienced interrogator Brenda Leigh Johnson on the acclaimed police procedural The Closer. Bacon told NME that he to be firmly "anti-television" prior to his wife"s job-related on The Closer. "Then i saw just how creatively lucrative Kyra"s endure was and I started to open the door," that recalled. "I picked up the phone, called my reps and also said, "All right, time to start considering television.""

Bacon"s an initial leading TV duty after that speak to was FBI certified dealer Ryan durable on the crime thriller The Following. He"s since starred in the Amazon element comedy I Love Dick, and later, the Showtime crime drama City ~ above a Hill.

The entertainment industry spawns many of urban legends, and much more often than not, you have the right to chalk them as much as exaggeration and also fertile imaginations. However there"s at the very least one celebrity rumor that"s bounced roughly Hollywood because that a while now that"s perfect true. In a 2013 episode of Conan, Kevin Bacon shown that when he attends weddings, that bribes the DJs to not play Kenny Loggins" "Footloose," the title song from the musical the made the famous.

"I go to the key jockey and also hand the $20 and also say "please don"t play the song,"" Bacon said Conan O"Brien. Apparently, anytime Bacon is invite to weddings, DJs at some point get about to play the tune, which spurs the remainder of the guests into surrounding Bacon and also urging him to execute his above dance. In a 2017 conversation with The Guardian, Bacon claimed bribing the DJ come skip the track isn"t around spoiling anyone"s fun. " wedding is the one f***ing night the bride and groom gain to be the biggest stars," he pointed out. "So when somebody put that document on, suddenly, even if it is I desire to or not, I"ve rotate that."

Bacon go on come assure The Guardian his children"s weddings would certainly be no exception to the "Footloose" ban. "God, as soon as it involves my kids" weddings I"ll be payment a lot an ext than $20," Bacon said, "so i guarantee no one will be playing that record."