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When ET exclusively chatted v the 62-year-old actressover the phone on Friday, she told united state that she was no asked to be a part of the upcomingJoseph Kosinski-directed sequel.

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In the original Top Gun, exit in 1986 and directed through Tony Scott, McGillis shown the role of Charlie, the bombshell love interest of Maverick, played by Tom Cruise.

"You know what, i don"tknow exactly how to price that because one, that hasn"t happened," McGillis said when asked if she would attend any type of of the promotional occasions surrounding the new film. "Two,if and when that did happen, ns would have to assess whereby Iam, what I"mdoing, what"s walk on ...I can"t job what I would certainly or wouldn"t perform in the future. I have no idea because I don"tknow wherein I"ll be."

"Movies room odd things. Ns don"treally keep in touch v anybody," she continued, adding that she has actually yet to watch the trailer for the sequel. "I think I"ve talked to a pair of civilization occasionally, however the reality is, movies are really odd occupational situations due to the fact that you have a lot of of human being who come together from all different parts that the world."

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Cruise confirmed to ET critical July thatJennifer Connelly to be officially joining the star-studdedTop Gun: Maverick cast. "Look, she"sa good actress, clear ... when you check out the film, you"ll see why she"sperfect because that it," he stated at the time. "We"re just going to have a great cast. Gonna it is in a many fun."

When inquiry what she thinks around Connellystepping in as Maverick"slove interest, McGillis told us that return she doesn"t understand the 48-year-old actress, she is "so glad the she obtained that opportunity."

"I"m glad for her," she added.

McGillis, who has been out of the spotlight because that years, now resides in phibìc Carolinaand enjoys spending she time with her 2 children, daughtersSonora and also Kelsey Tillman. Explaining why she left Hollywood, McGills said she "got sober" and also was "on a trip to number out that the hell" shewas.

"It to be very an overwhelming for me come have any kind of kind of feeling of self or self-identity or real self-worth various other than what i did for a living," she admitted. "And it just -- the didn"t become a priority; what ended up being the priority originally was increasing my girlsand gift the finest sober parental I might be."

"I think justmy priorities in life changed," she continued."It wasn"t prefer a major decision that ns made come leave, that was simply that other things became an ext important. I love acting, i love what i do, ns love doing theater, but I don"t know. Come me, my relationship to other people ended up being far more important 보다 my relationship to fame."

McGillis called ET the she"s at this time "in transition, moving into a various phase of life" andhopes her next adventure will certainly consist of several traveling.

"I to be a house person. I"m really rooted in my house life ... I can"t remember the critical time ns worked," she said, informing ET the she wasdiagnosed through alpha one antitrypsin disorder about five year ago. "I feeling really blessed that i don"t need to work, friend know? yet I get the option to work, for this reason I"m yes, really blessed in the way. No many world get that option later in life, so i feel very lucky."

Top Gun: Maverick access time theaters June 26, 2020. In the meantime, clock the video clip below come hear what the actors shared v ET in ~ Comic-Con earlier this month.

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Reporting by Brendon Geoffrion.


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