Kaley Cuoco, finest known for she portrayal of penny on the CBS sitcom, The large Bang Theory, began out together a son actress.

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old pics of Kaley Cuoco
Kaley Cuoco, finest known for her portrayal of penny on the CBS sitcom, The big Bang Theory, began out as a boy actress. She play Karin Carter in the 1995 action thriller, Virtuosity, when she was only 10 years old.

Nowadays, Kaley is a successful actress through plenty the awards...not to point out a star ~ above the Hollywood walk of Fame. Today, we thought it would be funny to take a trip down memory lane and see just how much the 34-year-old star has changed since her big breakthrough role on 8 straightforward Rules.

If you store on scrolling, girlfriend will see Kaley rocking some classic early 2000s fashion, dating a few hotties, and also growing right into a gorgeous and smart woman that is certainly an ideas to every one of us.

Alright, now right here they are — 20 pics showing just how much Kaley Cuoco has changed since being on 8 basic Rules!

20 Let"s begin Off v Kaley In 8 straightforward Rules ago In 2002

To absent our perform off, we decided to go v this picture of Kaley Cuoco indigenous the sitcom 8 basic Rules. In it, the actress play Bridget Erin "Beach" Hennessy, the oldest of the children. The display ended increase airing for three seasons and it wrapped increase in 2005!

19 at The Time, The Actress Was only 17 year Old

next on our perform is this picture that definitely screams "early 2000s". Earlier in 2002, Kaley Cuoco was only 17 year old...and prefer every various other 17-year-old, she loves rocking low-rise pants with a cute, tiny tank top. This photo definitely makes united state nostalgic!

18 Here"s Kaley Rocking The vital Von Dutch hat In 2003

speaking of the early on 2000s - one accessory that was fairly popular back in the day was a Von netherlands hat. Celebrities would regularly wear this hats, even to red carpet events. In the picture above, you have the right to see Kaley rock a pink one, and honestly - this look was such a vibe!

17 and Here"s 19-Year-Old Kaley v Her lover Dog Petie

Let’s relocate on to this photograph of the actress and also her adorable dog, Petie, ago in 2004, in ~ the Febreze pet Fashion Show. Kaley Cuoco has constantly been a large animal lover. End the years, we have had the possibility to see plenty of her dogs! and yes - we had actually to incorporate a dog pic on our list!

16 In 2005 Kaley join The actors Of Charmed

2005 to be a big year for the actress, together she join the cast of the well-known television series, Charmed. ~ above the show, Kaley play the young witch, billie Jenkins. She showed up in season eight, which was the show"s critical season. Being on Charmed certainly opened plenty of doors for the young star!

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15 by 2006 Kaley was No Stranger come Star-Studded Celebrity Events

next on our list room these photos of Kaley Cuoco hanging the end with other celebrities at sophisticated events. As you have the right to tell native the pics, the young actress met Ryan Seacrest and also Eva Longoria in 2006 - and she slowly yet surely started making a surname for herself!

14 Here"s Kaley In 2007 on The huge Bang Theory

2007 was probably one the the most essential years in Kaley Cuoco"s career, together that was the year the the sitcom, The huge Bang Theory, premiered. ~ above this show, Kaley played Penny, and (as most fans currently know) the actress was a component of the present until the wrapped up in 2019!

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13 And A Year later She Was dating Her Co-Star Johnny Galecki

A year after ~ The big Bang Theory premiered, Kaley Cuoco began dating she co-star, Johnny Galecki. Fans were certainly shipping the two! However, their relationship didn’t last for as well long. In 2010, the pair ended things on good terms and decided to walk their separate ways!

12 Kaley Rocked Cute Glasses in ~ A 2009 NBA Game

Let’s relocate on to an lover Kaley Cuoco, rocking a pair the cute glasses at an NBA game earlier in 2009. The actress definitely constantly looked gorgeous and also seeing her confidently stay glasses out in public certainly makes united state feel much more comfortable about wearing our own glasses!

11 Here"s The Actress Presenting at The 2010 American nation Awards

here’s a picture of the Hollywood star presenting at the 2010 American nation Awards, and honestly - she looked certain stunning. Over the past decade, we have seen Kaley Cuoco to visit plenty of well known events, consisting of award shows, and her fashion selections have never ever disappointed us!

10 In 2011 Kaley Was date Musician Christopher French

when 2011 rolled around, the actress started dating a musician named Christopher French. If the two stars definitely looked lover together, castle eventually identified that they weren’t a perfect match. Kaley and also Christopher broke up in 2012! we love Kaley"s pink lipstick in this pic!

9 and also Here She Is In 2012 in ~ An NBA video game With Ashton Kutcher

when Kaley Cuoco and also Ashton Kutcher never actually dated, castle have constantly been friends, i beg your pardon is why you see them hanging out in the photo above. This pic was taken in ~ an NBA game back in 2012. During the game, the 2 seemed very talkative and also you could absolutely tell the they had actually a fun time!

8 The Actress date Tennis Player Ryan Sweeting In 2013

following on our list is this photograph of the actress in 2013, when she was date tennis player Ryan Sweeting. The two began dating in September and also they quickly got engaged. By the finish of the year, the pair got married. Unfortunately, 2 years, later on they announced your divorce!

7 In 2014 She Attended The Annual gold Globe Awards

exactly how stunning is this picture of Kaley Cuoco at the 2014 Golden world Awards? as we already mentioned, the actress is recognized for rocking the most fashionable outfits and, personally, we room absolutely in love with this stunning floral gown. Girlfriend don"t check out a patterned dress too frequently on red carpets!

6 and also By 2015 Kaley Was Known together The Queen Of working Out

one more thing the actress is famous for is her enthusiasm for working out. She likes to store her human body as healthy and balanced and strong as possible. Frankly, there are so plenty of paparazzi photos of Kaley after ~ workouts, so this famous actress is a true fitness inspiration!

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5 In 2016 Kaley started Dating she Future Husband, Karl Cook

In 2016, Kaley Cuoco began dating an American equestrian, knife Cook, whom she would later marry. In the photo above, you can see them acquisition a stroll in new York City. We need to admit that they look absolutely beloved together. Don"t girlfriend love your chic outfits!

4 Here"s The Actress On Jimmy Kimmel Live In 2017

following on our perform is this photo of the actress together a guest star ~ above Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2017. End the years, Kaley Cuoco has actually been a guest on many of television shows and also it appears as if all the hosts absolutely reap interviewing the Hollywood star!

3 In 2018 Kaley provided Us many Of Cute Outfit Pics top top Instagram

exactly how stunning are these picture of Kaley Cuoco providing fashion catalyst on Instagram? Both the the photos are from 2018 and also anyone who adheres to the actress on she social media account knows the she loves sharing she looks v fans - and also we definitely love seeing them!

2 And The Actress additionally Married karl Cook

together we already mentioned, Kaley Cuoco and Karl chef got married, and the photo over is from your wedding in 2018. It’s for sure to say that no everyone might rock this remarkable bridal jumpsuit, yet Kaley 100% pulled it off - and we definitely hope that an ext brides provide this type of watch a chance!

1 Lastly, Here"s Kaley starting Off 2020 The appropriate Way

to wrap our perform up, we decided to go v this picture of Kaley Cuoco top top a horse. This pic is native 2020. The Hollywood star common this lover pic on she social media, proving the she began off the year ~ above a high note! us can"t wait to view what the future holds because that the actress!

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