Judy Garland, who paid a tragic price for the life of the show-business superstar, died in London Sunday. She to be 47.

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It was the quiet finish to a stormy career. Return she had tried suicide numerous times, Scotland Yard said there to be no point out she had actually taken her very own life.

Her 5th husband, Mickey Deans, 35, discovered her dead. Disease had plagued she constantly, yet it was not automatically determined what caused her death. One autopsy was booked today.

She had suffered native hepatitis, exhaustion, kidney ailments, worried breakdowns, near-fatal medicine reactions, overweight, underweight and injuries endured in falls.


Unhappy Love Affairs

Her previous 4 marriages had finished in divorce and her life to be a chaos of unhappy love affairs.

Her career to be a collection of soaring highs and plummeting lows. She was a peak box office film star of the 1940s, created all-time an individual appearance records in the ‘50s and was double nominated for Academy Awards.

Between the high point out she suffered abysmal slumps. She to be sued consistently for backing the end of performances, was fired for contractual failures, and also was booed offstage once she forgot the lines in she songs. In London in January an audience hurled bread, rolls and also glasses at she after she retained them wait for an hour.

“Some times ns feel prefer I’m living in a blizzard,” she once said. “An absolute blizzard.”

But, throughout she crisis-ridden career, she refuse to battered fighting. She was Hollywood’s queen of the comebacks. As soon as her job — and, usually, her personal life — hit rock bottom, she would stage a spectacular comeback and again hit the bigtime.

“Judy has actually been coming earlier since she was invented,” a London doubter once wrote. “She doesn’t give a concert, she conducts a seance.

“She evokes pity and sorrow like no various other superstar.”

Her ideal known function was that of Dorothy, at 17, in the 1939 film “The wizard of Oz” — in i beg your pardon she sang the track which ended up being her trademark: “Over the Rainbow.”

A wistful teen-ager v a turned-up nose, brown eyes, brown hair and also a rich, full voice, she became a top star in the big-star days of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s gold age.

Loses her Youth

And, in the process, she shed her own youth.

“Judy to be a kid who never had any childhood,” said Ray Bolger, a costar in “Oz,” Sunday, “She was a son who never thrived up.”

She make 12 movies as a teen-ager and also was under psychiatric treatment by the time she to be 18. By the moment she to be 23 she had actually had 3 nervous breakdowns.

When she was 28 she slashed her neck in a suicide try. Her 3rd husband, Sid Luft, claimed she attempt to kill herself 20 time in the 13 years they were married.

But she refused to remain down, regardless of recurring an individual and professional disaster.

Bored through Herself

“I’m constantly being painted a much more tragic number than ns am,” she claimed in 1962. “Actually, I obtain awfully bored through myself together a disastrous figure.”

It was estimated that her movies made much more than $100 million. Most were big-budget musicals of the ‘40s, although she won vital esteem for her acting ability in later films.

Among her starring functions were “Broadway Melody that 1938,” “Babes in Arms,” “Strike up the Band,” “Ziegfeld Girl,” “Girl Crazy,” “Meet Me in St. Louis,” the Andy Hardy films in i m sorry she starred with Mickey Rooney, “The Harvey Girls,” “Easter Parade,” and, since 1954, “A Star is Born” and also “Judgment at Nuremberg,” for which she obtained Oscar nominations.

Her film career and her life nearly ended in 1950. MGM, wherein she had actually made 30 films, fired her when she failed come report for work, and also cast Betty Hutton in role in “Annie obtain Your Gun.” She slashed her throat v a damaged water glass, to be saved, climate stuffed herself to obesity.

“I went to pieces,” she recalled later. “All I wanted to execute was eat and hide. I shed all mine self-confidence because that 10 years. I suffered agonies of phase fright. Human being had come literally press me ~ above the stage.”

But she do a wrecking comeback in personal appearances. She damaged all-time vaudeville records at the royal residence in new York in 1951, ’56 and ’57. She sang a sadder-but-wiser “Rainbow” at Carnegie hall which became part of what some referred to as one of the ideal live recordings ever made.

Wistful Voice

In 1963 she do 26 half-hour television reflects for CBS. She to be last checked out on nationwide television Saturday, once a Johnny Carson interview tape-recorded in 1968 to be rerun. On the she said of her youth in vaudeville, prior to she soared come the top — and also began the long fall back down.

In later years, what had been a rich, creamy, wistful voice began to present cracks and tremors. Yet the emotion she put right into songs favor her perennial “Over the Rainbow” made up for what one doubter referred to as “a tremolo which in ~ times can suggest a fly-wheel about to tear loose.”

Nervous, fidgety, seemingly fighting for control, she would certainly come on stage nearly tentatively — and also then, after ~ a few songs, to explode forth right into the old Garland style that had actually made her a star.

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Sometimes, though, she to be booed off the stage once she couldn’t placed a present — or it s her — together. Her intermissions periodically lasted 90 minutes. A duty promised her in “Valley that the Dolls” went to Susan Hayward due to the fact that she couldn’t present up in time for the shooting schedule.

“I’ve heard how ‘difficult’ it is to be through Judy Garland,” she stated a few years ago, much more sadly 보다 defensively, “but execute you recognize how an overwhelming it is to it is in Judy Garland? and for ME to live with me? I’ve had actually to carry out it — and also what more unkind life have the right to you think of than the one i have lived?”