John Travolta shared the profound and also candid conversation that had about death and dying through his child Ben, 10, following the pass of his mam Kelly Preston. 

Travolta, 67, had the deep talk v his son, that expressed a are afraid of death after his mother passed away of chest cancer critical July.

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"(Ben) said to me once, "Because mommy passed away, I"m fear you"re going to,"" Travolta told Kevin Hart on his talk show "Hart come Heart" (streaming on Peacock). "I said, "Well, it"s a really different thing." and I went with the differences about my longevity and also her limited life."

But climate Travolta said he leveled v his son.

"I said, "Ben, friend have constantly loved the truth, and also I"m going to tell you the truth around life. Nobody knows as soon as they are going to go or once they space going to stay."

Kelly preston dies: Actress mam of man Travolta dies of breast cancer in ~ 57

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Travolta and Preston mourned the death of their eldest boy Jett who passed away on Jan. 2, 2009, at period 16, after having actually a seizure if the family members was on holidays in the Bahamas.

"Your brothers (Jett) left in ~ 16. Too young. Your mom left in ~ 57. The was as well young. But who"s come say? I might die tomorrow. Friend could. Everyone can," that added. "So let"s look at it choose it"s part of life. You don"t know exactly. You just do your best at trying come live the longest you can."

Travolta and Preston married in 1991 and also had 3 children, including daughter Ella, currently 21. 

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In May, Travolta post a Mother"s day tribute come Preston ~ above Instagram alongside a picture of your young family.

"Dearest Kelly, you lugged into my life three of the many wonderful children I have ever before known," Travolta wrote. "Thank you. We love and also miss you."

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Travolta states Tom Hanks" "Splash" role was written for him

During the interview v Hart, Travolta referenced Tom Hanks" star-making role in the 1984 fight comedy "Splash," speak the component "was composed for me."

Travolta stated that he had actually no trouble passing ~ above the role of the blockbuster movie. If the hadn"t passed on "Splash" climate "we wouldn"t have Tom Hanks," Travolta said. "So let"s have actually Tom Hanks."

Travolta joked he deserve to "take responsibility" for the careers of numerous stars who took roles he wasn"t may be to, consisting of Hanks and also Richard Gere.

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The "Saturday Night Fever" star defined that in Hollywood, throughout the so late 1970s and also early 1980s, the was one of the key actors up for nearly every huge part.

"It was just Richard Gere, myself and also Treat Williams up for many parts and also Tom (Hanks) come a couple of years later," Travolta said. "Those duties would gain interchangeable. Therefore in some ways, in Vegas, what"s a one out of four chance."

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