John Travolta has appeared in number of blockbuster movies, and one the the movies that world will constantly remember him for is the cult classic Pulp Fiction. Return the movie was a vast hit, breaking records at the box office, super-star Travolta didn’t earn an extremely much through Hollywood requirements for his part in it. He may have acquired a smaller-than-usual payday, however it just can have to be the finest career move he might have made. 

John Travolta was huge — until he wasn’t


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According come Biography, Travolta to be 21 as soon as he landed his breakthrough role as the cocky high college kid Vinnie ba in the renowned TV series Welcome Back, Kotter. His suddenly fame opened up up many opportunities, starting with the made-for-TV movie The boy in the Plastic Bubble, which to be praised by critics. 

He walk on come star in some blockbuster movies, such asSaturday Night Fever, which earned him an Oscar nomination, and also the lover ’50s musicalGrease. Although he managed to star in a few more struggle films during his early on years, many notably the 1980 movie Urban Cowboy, Travolta’s star began to dim. That had few successes in the ’80s, other than his role in theLook Who’s Talkingmovie franchise.

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By the finish of the decade, Travolta was thought about to have actually his best days behind him. His biggest hits to be dated, and also he didn’t seem to be able to find fresh avenues to do him pertinent again. But then come the function that rotate it all around.

‘Pulp Fiction’ to be a large success

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In 1994, Travolta landing a starring duty in Quentin Tarantino’s movie Pulp Fiction. That earned him one more Oscar nod, and also it to be pivotal in transforming his job around. His component as the smooth-dancing hitman Vincent Vega aided audiences watch him as a serious actor and to forget the cocky youthful functions he’d when played. 

With his career reinvigorated, Travolta dove ago into acting, and he’s worked steadily together a well-respected actor ever since. He winner a gold Globe because that his component in the 1995 movieGet Shorty, and also in the years because then, he’s showed up in a lengthy list that movies. His credits incorporate Broken Arrow, Hairspray, indigenous Paris through Love, Gotti,andTrading Paint.

Although not every movie was a hit, Travolta has developed himself firmly together a talented and also successful movie star. Together an A-lister who have the right to command an outstanding paycheck today, it’s surprising to hear how tiny his paycheck was forPulp Fiction.

A tiny payment for a vast role

Pulp Fiction Stars john Travolta and also Samuel L. Jackson Reunite for brand-new Holiday Commercial

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As Hollywood Reporter explains, Pulp Fiction to be Tarantino’s an initial big success together a director and screenwriter. The movie winner an Oscar for finest Screenplay, and six various other Academy compensation nominations.

The gritty, violent, darkly funny film has end up being iconic in the cinematic civilization in the 26 years since it was released. Through its substantial success and also Travolta’s reputation as a star, the quantity he was paid for playing Vincent is person who is abnormal small. 

Travolta was just paid $150,000 for his component inPulp Fiction. Back that might seem paltry contrasted to what he earns today, the movie walk come along at a time when he to be struggling to discover work.

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The star doesn’t seem come mind the tiny amount he got forPulp Fiction. In fact, he even references the movie multiple time in a commercial he made for resources One this Christmas season. After all, considering how substantially the movie turned his career around, it may be among the most rewarding moves the his career.