Rivers, 81, had been ~ above life support in mount Sinai Hospital because having a cardiac arrest in new York critical week.

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In a statement, she daughter Melissa said she passed away surrounded by family and also friends, and she thanked hospital employee for their "amazing care".

The comedian, best known for she lacerating wit, quit breathing during a procedure on she vocal cords in ~ an outpatient clinic critical Thursday.

"Although that is difficult to execute right now, I understand her last wish would certainly be the we go back to laughing soon."

The actress and stand-up comedian is famed for her legendary put-downs and has more recently turned she razor-sharp tongue on the red carpet's worst pull on celebrities, hosting the E! network's Fashion Police.

Both Rivers and Melissa, her only child, have showed up together in truth TV present Joan & Melissa: Joan to know Best?

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She didn't simply fire her barbs in ~ others, however. She was constantly prepared to joke around herself, and also in certain her plastic surgery.

In 2010, she tweeted a joke about her death, saying: through all the plastic surgical procedure I've had I'm worried that when I die, God won't recognise me!

US talk show host David Letterman dubbed Rivers "a real pioneer for various other women trying to find careers in stand-up comedy".

He recalled she guest clues on his show, saying: "She would come the end here and sit in this chair and also say some points that to be unbelievable.

On his show, Jimmy Fallon said: "We love her. We will certainly miss her," when veteran TV interviewer Larry King said: "We will never ever see her prefer again."

Comedian and actress Whoopi Goldberg tweeted: "My girlfriend Joan Rivers has passed away as soon as again come quote Billy Crystal... There are no words. Bon trip Joan."

TV show host Ellen DeGeneres likewise described Rivers as a pioneer, adding: "She led the means for a the majority of comedians. I'm very sad she's gone."

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Lena Dunham, writer and star of sitcom Girls, said: "Watching Joan Rivers perform stand-up at age 81 to be incredible: athletic, jaw-dropping, terrifying, essential. It never ever stopped. Neither will she."

Kelly Osbourne, who appeared with Rivers on she TV display Fashion Police, claimed she to be "my teacher, therapist, closestly friend, inspiration and also the only grandmother I ever knew."

The Prince of Wales additionally paid tribute to Rivers, who attended his wedding to the Duchess of Cornwall in 2005 and also performed at a gala because that the Prince's trust on his 60th birthday.

"Joan Rivers was an especially woman v an original and also indefatigable spirit, an unstoppable sense of humour and an substantial zest because that life. She will be hugely missed and utterly irreplaceable," that said.

She to be born Joan Alexandra Molinsky in Brooklyn, brand-new York, to a family members of Jewish immigrants who had actually fled the Russian Revolution.

Her big break come in 1965 when she appeared on The Tonight present Starring Johnny Carson, and also a lengthy television career followed.

However, she mentor Carson never spoke to she again ~ she landed her own, short-lived late-night talk present on Fox.

Following the 2013 Academy Awards, at which british singer Adele performed her Oscar-winning Bond design template Skyfall, Rivers joked around the singer's weight on The Late display with David Letterman.

"She was an extremely scared due to the fact that she was singing at the awards," said Rivers. "She retained saying, 'My throat, my throat - ns don't know if I have the right to swallow.' and I said, 'Oh, yeah! You have the right to swallow.'"

Last month, she was criticised because that a rant on the Israeli-Gaza crisis, after arguing to a TMZ reporter the the Palestinians to be to blame for the conflict.

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Her very first marriage lasted only six months however her 2nd with Edgar Rosenberg spanned more than two decades until his self-destruction in 1987.