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Jerry Orbach never won the Emmy for play Detective Lennie Briscoe, yet he earned something greater: the audience"s respect and affection for giving life come a memorable character. With the actor gone from "Law & Order" this season, the long-running NBC drama shed a an excellent deal that its sardonic flavor.

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He died at 69 of prostate cancer Tuesday night in Manhattan. His fatality was announced Wednesday."I"m extremely saddened by the happen not just of a friend and also colleague, yet a legendary number of 20th-century show business," "Law & Order" creator prick Wolf stated in a statement.

The Bronx-born Orbach was one of Broadway"s greats. He winner the Tony for the music "Promises, Promises."

He likewise starred in "Carnival" and "42nd Street." He created the role of the shady lawyer in "Chicago."

He showed up as the narrator in the original cast of "The Fantasticks," a musical that ran for an ext than 40 years .

Lights all follow me Broadway were dimmed in his memory at 8 p.m. Wednesday, said Jed Bernstein, president of the league of American Theaters and also Producers, a profession group.

His movie credits consisted of "Dirty Dancing," "Prince that the City," "Crimes and also Misdemeanors" and the voice that Lumiere in Disney"s "Beauty and also the Beast."

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The 22-year-old supposedly stepped off the roof the the century-old structure at 619 Washington Street top top Wednesday evening, authorities said.

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after Toyota reports surface, Corps the Engineers files public notice of grading the Megasite because that battery factory

If a manufacturer spent an ext than $1 billion and also hired much more than 1,750 employees at the megasite, the state has collection aside up to $320 million in incentives for the project.