IF like us you've watched the movie Dirty to dance a million times, you glossesweb.comuld think the you know every little thing there is to know about the film.

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But we've dug deep right into the show's history to carry you some funny facts around the top 1987 love story.


Dirty Dancing was released in 1987 and starred Patrick Swayze and also Jennifer GreyCredit: Alamy

How old are Baby and Johnny in Dirty Dancing?

The movie is set in 1963, and Baby is 18, while Jonny is 24.

In genuine life Jennifer Grey was 26 once she was actors as Baby, a character the was to plan to it is in fresh the end of high school.

When Patrick Swayze was cast to play the role of Johnny in the film, he was 34.

He is a staggering ten year older 보다 his personality in the movie.

The film is an above love story between Jonny and also BabyCredit: Alamy

How much were Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze paid for Dirty Dancing?

The specific amount every actor to be paid has actually never to be revealed, but it won't have been as much as what they glossesweb.comuld glossesweb.commmand after ~ the success the the movie.

When the film ended up being a hit, studios want to cash in on a sequel immediately.

We do know that Patrick was offered £5M to return for the sequel as Johnny - which to be a large money transaction in the 80s.

Unfortunately, the late star wasn’t a fan of act sequels and turned the sell down.

Jennifer and Patrick act the renowned 'lift' sceneCredit: Alamy

Did Jennifer Grey do all of her own dancing in Dirty Dancing?

Jennifer DID execute all the dance herself, even the famed lift - however, she wasn't glossesweb.comnfident around doing it.

The movie to be shot in just three months which didn't leave lot rehearsal time.

Jennifer to be scared that the lift and also refused to practice beforehand.

When the time pertained to actually movie the moment, her and also Patrick nailed the in one take.

That was likewise the first and critical time Jennifer has ever done the lift as she refuses to repeat the move also to this day.




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What is Baby's real name?

Baby is simply a nickname in the film.

The character's actual name is Francis Houseman.

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She is offered the nickname by her father, together she is the "baby" of the family.

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