With period has come “more that a liberty in type of accepting who I am and what i look like and how ns feel currently than ns did once I to be younger, as soon as I to be trying maybe too tough to it is in something,” the actress says

Actress woman Seymour is photographed previously this loss at The 4 Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles to promote her duty in “The Kominsky Method.” Rebecca Cabage/Invision/AP
LOS ANGELES — jane Seymour was in her mid-60s once her husband of two decades decided it was over. The actress was floored.

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“I had a lengthy marriage and also never believed it to be going to end,” the 68-year-old said newly while fostering the second season the Netflix’s “The Kominsky Method,” co-starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin.

“I’m going, ‘I what? i date? What? room you crazy? exactly how does this work?’” Seymour said. “And then my children would say, ‘Mom, there’s this thing referred to as Tinder.’ and also I’m like, ‘No, that’s not going to happen.’”

But similar to she character in “The Kominsky Method” who runs right into an old flame, fate intervened, and Seymour stumbled upon brand-new romance. She has been v boyfriend and also British movie director David Green because 2014, about a year after her divorce indigenous filmmaker James Keach, who directed “Dr. Quinn, medicine Woman,” Seymour’s above role.

“Accidentally i ran into somebody i knew 38 years previously who had been in a long marriage and also his marriage ended,” she said. “It no his an option and my marriage ended, it wasn’t my choice. And also we randomly met coincidentally 38 years later and realized we were free, and also we’ve to be together ever since. So I carry out not have to date.”

i get it Moore together James bond 007 and Jane Seymour together Solitaire in “Live and also Let Die.” file she experience drew Seymour to “The Kominsky Method,” in i m sorry she dram Madelyn, who reconnects v Arkin’s personality (Norman) in ~ a funeral complying with the deaths of your spouses.

“I do obtain this totality thing of having a connection with someone that’s a contemporary, you know?” Seymour said. “We’re both handling older children, exes and our future ... Just how long will we live? How deserve to we stay healthy? How deserve to we mite off ours bucket list? execute we still desire to job-related or perform we feel like we’ve only simply started, which is the situation with me and also David.”

The Emmy- and golden Globe-winning actress has 4 children and also two stepchildren from her 4 marriages.

On peak of acting and a busy family life, Seymour design furniture and also jewelry. Seymour recently had a one-woman art display in Washington, D.C., she write books, runs a nonprofit and also produces movies.

“I execute what ns do because I love it,” she said. “I don’t think that it ever as a job ... It’s referred to as living. So ns don’t watch retiring. You don’t retire native life.”

In fact, Seymour said her own kids have a tough time keeping up through her.

“Inside the me, ns 20. OK? i hang out through my 23-year-old boys, and the other day ns was with them running approximately Europe and also they said, ‘Mom, deserve to you slow-moving down?’” she said. “I went, ‘No, this is the pace at which i go and you space a third of my age, for this reason you better just capture up with Mama.’ I just love life.”

With age, she said, has come “more the a freedom in sort of accepting who I am and also what ns look like and also how i feel currently than ns did as soon as I to be younger, once I was trying perhaps too difficult to be something.”

Seymour an initial caught the eye that audiences once she played Bond girl Solitaire in 1973’s “Live and Let Die.” asked what it’s like to be a sex prize for practically five decades and well right into her 60s, Seymour scoffed.

“I’ve never ever thought of it the way,” she said, noting the she and also her bond character were both virgins. “So solid a sex symbol. Ns didn’t understand what sex was.”

mrs Seymour stars together the title character ~ above the TV collection “Dr. Quinn, medicine Woman.” CBS since then, Seymour has actually posed in “Playboy” three times, in 1973, 1987 and also last year, when the magazine claimed the actress “is an ext of a sex symbol now than as soon as she play a link girl.”

To Seymour, sexy way being comfortable in your very own skin in ~ every age. It is why she hasn’t had plastic surgery, the actress said.

“I make a selection a lengthy time back not to carry out all the points that other civilization do due to the fact that I’m not trying to look like me when I’m 20 or 30. It’s sort of pointless,” she said. “So, I just thought, let’s put on a gray wig and have part wrinkles and also actually play characters.”

Seymour said she’s among the happy actresses who’ve landed good roles ~ 40.

“Hollywood’s been pretty good to me, actually,” she said. “Back in the day, they used to say if you’re a woman and also you’re 40, you’re done. Well, when I to be 40, I gained ‘Dr. Quinn.’ so that’s once I started. And also to be honest, right now I feel choose this is my moment due to the fact that there’s every these amazing characters that I deserve to now beat without having actually to worry around whether ns look like a top lady.

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Her eye glimmered: “And I can still beat it favor a top lady if I put my hair and makeup together.”


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