Jamie Lynn Spears opened up about people blaming the finish of Zoey 101 on her teen pregnancy. Jamie says the display actually quit filming a great six months before she was even pregnant.

Alright, I’m gonna need you come think earlier to 2008 for a warm sec: Remember once your favorite Nickelodeon TV present Zoey 101 sheathe for good and you were left in shambles end it leaving the air? Right, well, soon after the series finale aired, it came out that Jamie Lynn Spears was expecting her first child at 16. A many fans blamed the finish of the display on she pregnancy, but now, Jamie Lynn is speaking her truth and also clarifying the really truth.

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Jamie Lynn Spears might Actually Reboot ‘Zoey 101’

In an interview through Nylon, Jamie claimed she disappeared indigenous the limelight for five years adhering to the backlash for 2 reasons: She didn’t have actually the possibility to define why the present was canceled, and she additionally wanted a chance to raise her daughter, Maddie Briann Aldridge, normally.

Jamie said:

“In today’s world, automatically I’d have my society media to write-up something and it’d be clearing up. Yet even today, people still have actually their thoughts around it. Ns didn’t end up being pregnant until more than likely six month after us wrapped or something favor that, however some the the episodes had not aired yet. Ns think the there to be a conversation with Nickelodeon, rightfully so, of, ‘Do we air these episodes?’ however the show had already wrapped and also there was never ever a negotiation to go into any much more seasons. We were also old. It to be done.”

After the news that her pregnant broke, Jamie Lynn packed her bags and also moved to Mississippi because that a possibility at a new life.

“I got me a small house. I placed a huge gate up about it, and I was like, ‘I’m going to continue to be here, raise my baby, and figure this out since this is actual life. I’ve placed myself in this situation…I’m no condoning it or saying it’s right, however these room the cards that I need to play,’” she continued. “And i tried to carry out the ideal that ns could. And yet, sure enough, anywhere I walk in Mississippi for that totality nine months, there was always paparazzi ~ above me all over I went. Yet I simply knew that if I simply stayed away from it long sufficient that I can give my son some sense of normalcy ago in she life.”

Fast-forward come now—the Zoey 101 reunion is a go and she’s dropping a rerecorded version of the show’s iconic template song. All is good!