The medical professional who signed the fatality certificate called CNN he always wondered, "What walk wrong in that room?"

A prosecutor is collection to reexamine James Brown’s 2006 fatality after meeting a woman Wednesday, who cases she has evidence that the singer to be murdered.

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The soul singer’s official cause of death was listed as a heart attack and fluid in the lungs, yet the doctor who signed his fatality certificate had constantly wondered if over there was more to the story. Dr. Marvin Crawford said CNN he felt Brown “changed as well fast” once he passed away at one Atlanta hospital ~ above December 25, 2006. He to be 73.

“He to be a patience I would certainly never have predicted would have actually coded,” Crawford stated in 2017. “But he passed away that night, and I go raise that question: What walk wrong in that room.”

Crawford argued it was feasible that Brown’s fatality was caused by a toxic substance.

And now Fulton County district Attorney Paul Howard Jr. Has dispatched investigators to conduct interviews and also evaluate relevant information to identify if a full-scale fatality investigation need to be launched complying with a meeting v circus singer Jacque Hollander.

Hollander originally told the media that she thought Brown to be murdered, adding that she likewise feared for she life. After she calls to authorities walk unreturned critical year, a CNN spokesperson contacted the prosecutor’s office. That’s when Hollander finally had a challenge to challenge conversation through Howard, sharing her beliefs that Brown and also his third wife Adrienne, who died in 1996 if recovering native plastic surgery, were every murdered.

Hollander no the one through suspicions. A CNN investigative series spurred through her cases published the names of 13 world who wanted either one autopsy or a criminal investigation to it is in done. They included his widow Tomi Rae Brown, boy Daryl Brown, manager Charles Bobbit, and also close friend Al Sharpton.

She presented Howard through a prepared list of potential witnesses, printouts of text messages, and a environment-friendly plastic bin filled through what she regarded to be proof of foul play. Once asked if she plan to leaving the bin in the hand of the prosecutor’s staff, Hollander replied, “Well, I sure don’t desire it.” She obtained a residential property receipt for she items and also assurances the her story would certainly be looked into.

“He was really kind,” she said around Howard afterward. “I think the will obtain to the bottom the this.”

Howard called CNN that he’ll do a decision within month to identify if a complete investigation is warranted.

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