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Born:August 29, 1915StockholmSweden...(Show more)Died:August 29, 1982 (aged 67)LondonEngland...(Show more)Awards and Honors:Academy award (1975)Academy award (1957)Academy award (1945)Academy compensation (1975): Actress in a sustaining RoleAcademy compensation (1957): Actress in a top RoleAcademy award (1945): Actress in a top RoleEmmy compensation (1982): superior Lead Actress in a restricted Series or a SpecialEmmy award (1960): Outstanding solitary Performance by an Actress (Lead or Support)Golden world Award (1983): ideal Actress in a minimal Series or Motion photo Made for TelevisionGolden globe Award (1946): best Actress in a top RoleGolden globe Award (1945): ideal Actress in a leading RoleTony award (1947): ideal Actress in a Play...(Show more)Notable family Members:spouse Roberto Rossellini...(Show more)

Ingrid Bergman, (born respectable 29, 1915, Stockholm, Sweden—died august 29, 1982, London, England), sweden actress whose herbal charm, freshness, intelligence, and vitality made her the picture of sincerity and also idealized womanhood. One of cinema’s best stars, she appeared in such standards as Casablanca (1942) and also Notorious (1946).

Early life

Bergman was only two years old once her mother died, and about a decade later her father additionally passed away. Although she to be shy, she lengthy dreamed of ending up being an actress, and also she functioned assiduously for join to the royal Dramatic Theatre school in Stockholm, where she studied because that a year. Her first credited movie appearance remained in Munkbrogreven (1935; The counting of the Old Monk’s Bridge), and it was adhered to by complicated roles in together Swedish movies as the initial Intermezzo (1936) and also En kvinnas ansikte (1938; A Woman’s Face). In 1939 she starred in the Hollywood version of Intermezzo, which was a box-office hit.

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From the Morroccon city of Casablanca to the halls that Queen Elizabeth’s empire, scroll with this list of actors and also see if your expertise is ready for lights, camera, action!

Stardom: Casablanca, Gaslight, and also Notorious

Several films later Bergman ended up being a star with Casablanca (1942), among cinema’s many iconic films. In this romantic drama, Bergman play Ilsa Lund, a mrs torn in between two guys (played by Humphrey Bogart and Paul Henreid) during people War II. Now very sought after, Bergman showed up in a collection of crucial and advertising successes that included For whom the Bell Tolls (1943), i m sorry was based on Ernest Hemingway’s novel, and the movie noir Gaslight (1944). In the latter movie she starred together a mrs whose husband (Charles Boyer) do the efforts to drive her mad, and her performance earned her an Academy award for ideal actress.