at 79 years old, Harrison Ford is currently rehabbing a shoulder injury sustained on the Indiana Jones 5 together fans throughout the people honor the above actor.

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Harrison Ford trends on His 79th Birthday following Indiana Jones 5 set Injury
Harrison Ford is safety his 79th birthday in a sling ~ an on-set injury functioning on Indiana Jones 5, the movie the will likely see his last performance together the iconic adventurer. A veteran actor who acclaimed performances date ago decades, Harrison Ford turned 79 years old top top Tuesday. His name has actually been trending on Twitter as thousands of fans salary tribute by psychic his most famous roles, which has playing Indy amongst many others.

Filming ~ above Indiana Jones 5 began last month in the UK. Just weeks into filming, Ford hurt his shoulder while rehearsing a struggle scene. The production team originally kept the shooting going, hope to work roughly his absence to permit for the actor to heal. Ford has since been seen with his arm in a sling, and also it"s unclear how long he"ll need to be earlier at 100%. Production has

"In the food of rehearsing because that a hit scene, Harrison Ford continual an injury including his shoulder. Manufacturing will proceed while the suitable course of therapy is evaluated, and also the filming schedule will certainly be reconfigured as needed in the coming weeks," Disney claimed in a statement in ~ the time.

"A dual would have cheated his head down, so Harrison volunteered to execute it himself," director James Mangold said of what happened on set, via the Sun. "There were 5 shots that the rock from five various angles - each one done twice - therefore Harrison had to gyeongju the absent ten times. "He won ten time - and also beat the odds. That was lucky - and also I was an idiot because that letting him try it."

involvement Ford in the actors of the sequel are Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Mads Mikkelsen, Boyd Holbrook, Shaunette Renee Wilson, and Thomas Kretschmann. It is directed by James Mangold (Logan). Steven Spielberg, that directed all four of the vault Indiana Jones movies, was initially on plank to helm the fifth installment together well. Critical year, he stepped under from the director"s chair, despite he has actually remained ~ above board as a hands-on producer. As soon as coming right into the project, Mangold composed a new screenplay for the sequel with Jez and also John-Henry Butterworth (Ford v Ferrari).

Online, Ford is acquiring a most love from his pan in respect of his birthday, and hopefully that will aid the actor feel appreciated ~ above his unique day. Plenty of fans are acknowledging Indiana Jones if praising Ford, together the role remains among the actor"s most popular of all. The course, that is just as well known for playing Han Solo in the Star Wars series, and he"s gaining a lot of praise because that that together well. In any type of case, it"s clear just how famous Ford still is one year shy the his 80s.

Indiana Jones 5 officially has a release day scheduled because that July 29, 2022. In spite of the hold-up due to Ford"s injury, the premiere day hasn"t to be postponed in ~ this time. Of course, that likewise follows multiple delays the project has actually seen over the past couple of years for various reasons. The good news is the the sequel is ultimately in production, in spite of the early on hiccup. You can see what fans are saying around Ford top top Twitter.

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