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At the period of 48, George Blanda was a Quarterback, Kicker and also NFL Legend

George Fredrick Blanda to be born on Sept. 17, 1927, come a Slovak-born father who was a charcoal miner indigenous the Pittsburgh area. The well known Bear Bryant to be his college coach at Kentucky. Bryant called the Bears that Blanda would never make the in the NFL, yet Blanda confirmed him wrong v a 26-year career the secured his condition as one NFL legend.

At the end of his career, Blanda to be the NFL's all-time top scorer through 2002 points. This included 335 field goals, 943 extra points and rushing because that nine touchdowns.

Blanda play in the NFL longer than any type of other player; he was in the NFL for 26 seasons and played in 340 games. That was additionally the NFL's earliest player once he retired at the period of 48. He never ever missed an extra suggest in any postseason game where he to be the kicker.


College job at Kentucky

In 1947, Blanda to be a kicker and also quarterback at Kentucky. Be affected by each other Bryant was the coach over there prior to relocating to Alabama.

Blanda was the beginning quarterback for Kentucky throughout his last 2 years. He had a 49.6 completion percentage, collected 1,451 yards and passed because that 12 touchdowns.


Chicago Bears

When Blanda i graduated from Kentucky, he believed his days of play football were over, however in 1949, the bears drafted that in the 12th round. Over there were part contract negotiations, and also Blanda finished up signing a contract precious $6,000 that consisted of a $600 bonus. Blanda was signed together a third-string quarterback. He to be behind Johnny Lujack and also future hall of fame quarterback Sid Luckman.

Blanda proved his capacity to be a versatile player because that George Halas' Bears; he also played linebacker once needed. He to be upset once he got no raises after ~ watching other players around him get them. In 1952, he was offered a salary raise to $11,600. The following year, Blanda became Chicago's beginning quarterback.

In 1953, that led the NFL in happen attempts and completions. Blanda threw for 15 touchdowns in eight games. That was injured the following season and also lost his starting quarterback position. It was clear to him the bear would only use him together a kicker and also not as a quarterback. Blanda's play time decreased, and he quit playing professional football in 1959.


Houston Oilers

Blanda's retirement from skilled football didn't critical long. In 1960, that was available a contract and also signed with the Oilers. In 1961, he collection a record in a game against the Titans. Blanda threw seven touchdown passes in one game—a record organized by only three various other quarterbacks. That threw for four or much more touchdowns in a single game thirteen time while the was through Houston.

In 1964, throughout a game against the Bills, Blanda completed 68 passes. This document stood till 1994 once the Patriots' attracted Bledsoe completed 70 overcome in a single game that entered overtime. He additionally continued to be used as a kicker, averaging 56.4 percent.

Blanda was the AFL's leading passer and also scorer for every season that played because that the Oilers. That was important in Houston to win the AFL championship in the 1960–61 season. He passed because that over 300 yards and also three touchdowns throughout the championship game.


George Blanda v the Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders

Blanda to be traded to the Raiders in 1967 when he to be 39 year old. In between the 1967 and '71 seasons, that kicked 201 consecutive extra points. In 1968, the was part of the Oakland's AFL championship team. They at some point went on to lose Super bowl II to the Packers 33–14.

Blanda kicking for the Raiders; he was traded to the team in 1967 at period 39.

Blanda's most Memorable Season

Blanda's many memorable season was through the Raiders in 1970. Oakland's beginning quarterback to be Daryl Lamonica, who kept acquiring injured. At 43, Blanda was able to take end at quarterback ago and play 5 incredible games.

During the very first game, Blanda come off the bench and threw 3 touchdowns because that a victory versus the Steelers. The next week, with just three seconds left in the game, that kicked a 48-yard ar goal versus the Chiefs to acquire a 17–17 tie. Blanda came off the bench and also threw because that a touchdown to tie the Browns with just 1:34 left. Blanda then kicked a 53-yard ar goal with three seconds left to acquire a 23–20 victory.

The next game was against the Broncos. Blanda replaced Lamonica in the 4th quarter. He associated with broad receiver Fred Biletnikoff v 2:28 continuing to be in the video game for a 24–19 victory. The following week, Blanda kicked a 16-yard ar goal with just a couple of seconds left to defeat the Chargers 20–17.

The Raiders then went on come play the Colts in the AFC title game. Blanda again come off the bench to relax an hurt Lamonica. He perfect 17 the 32 passes for 217 yards. The threw for 2 touchdowns and kicked a 48-yard ar goal and two extra points. The Raiders shed the game, yet Blanda to be the oldest quarterback come play in one NFL championship game.

George Blanda retired one month before his 49th date of birth after 26 years together a skilled football player.

Retirement and Hall of fame Induction

Blanda played v the Raiders for nine seasons and also retired one month before his 49th birthday. Blanda had a job that extended 26 year of playing skilled football. During that time, the threw for over 26,900 yards. He perfect 1,911 the 4,007 happen attempts and threw because that 236 touchdowns. Blanda rushed for 344 yards and also had nine rushing touchdowns. He kicked 335 ar goals and 943 extra points.

Blanda score a franchise-high the 863 points v the Raiders. He also was the an initial player to ever before score end 500 points for three different teams. Blanda to be voted right into the hall of reputation in 1981—the first year he to be eligible to be inducted. He was also component of the AFL-NFL 25-year All-Star team.

In 1985, Blanda's hometown that Youngwood, Pennsylvania, change the name U.S. Course 119 in his honor. It is now known as George Blanda Boulevard. Blanda passed away on Sept. 27, 2010.


Readmikenow (author) on may 29, 2019:

Robert, many thanks for preventing by and also commenting.

Robert Levine indigenous Brookline, Massachusetts on may 29, 2019:

Yes, that was once they to win the Cowboys in Super key V, "the worst Super key every played"--the victorious Colts committed seven turnovers.

Readmikenow (author) on may 23, 2019:

Robert, many thanks for preventing by and reading around George Blanda. Ns think the Colts winner Superbowl the year.

Robert Levine indigenous Brookline, Massachusetts on might 23, 2019:

When Blanda gone into that 1970 AFC Championship versus Johnny Unitas's Colts, the two offenses were being led by guys who between them had 38 years--over a 3rd of a century--of professional football experience.

Readmikenow (author) ~ above December 13, 2018:

BB many thanks for sharing! that is a an excellent story.

BB ~ above December 13, 2018:

My dad played against Blanda from 1960-63, once Blanda played because that Houston. Dad played very first for the Dallas Texans, then the Broncos. He to be amazed at the lengths Blanda's teammates would certainly go to defend him - more like the NHL 보다 the NFL (AFL, earlier then). My dad's duty was the allude of the wedge ~ above kickoffs. His task was to take the end the kicker. That did... And in the plays that followed, he finished up v a hairline fracture in his femur. Payback, i guess. Lesson learned, too.

They became friends years later, as soon as Blanda checked out the Raiders. Al Davis and Al Locasalle to be friends of my dad's, and ago then players, coaches and also wives would all hang out together after games for drinks and dinner. Blanda and my dad mutual some Pittsburgh heritage, for this reason the friendship blossomed from there.

Pretty cool stories ago then.

Readmikenow (author) top top November 18, 2018:

Glenn, thanks for sharing. Ns agree, it to be an NFL season come remember.

Glenn D'Amico ~ above November 17, 2018:

I remember the crazy 1970 season, my whole family to be Raider pan on the Oregon shore . Us sceamed ourself hoarse that year, and also the cops even involved the home believing there was a struggle going on!

Readmikenow (author) top top December 08, 2016:

Kosmo, thanks. I agree through you. George Blanda play for much less money but did much more. Can you imagine a quarterback this particular day being able to pass to tie a game and then absent a video game winning field goal? It just wouldn't happen. He was an inspiration.

Kelley Marks indigenous Sacramento, California ~ above December 07, 2016:

I remember George Blanda, a true ironman of the NFL. Lock don't make males like him anymore. Later!

Readmikenow (author) ~ above December 03, 2016:

Larry thanks. I discover George Blanda's career inspiring. I don't think we'll have actually too plenty of players today last 26 seasons. I doubt any kind of could be a quarterback and also a kicker and also succeed in ~ his level.

Larry Rankin native Oklahoma top top December 01, 2016:

More than any other attribute, Blanda's career was defined by toughness.

Great read!

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