Following a variety of small roles in a handful of TV movies and series, Frankie Muniz damaged out into the mainstream as soon as was he just 14 many thanks to Malcolm in the Middle. The hit Fox show, i beg your pardon ran native 2000 come 2006, turned the young actor into a star, earning that multiple nominations for prestigious awards, including one Emmy nod and two gold Globe noms. During that time, Muniz also had success on the large screen in the Agent Cody Banks film series and the movie My Dog Skip, but in 2007, decided to leaving Hollywood behind after basically aging out of this kid-friendly roles.

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What complied with was a collection of eyebrow-raising job changes, relationship woes, and also more. You may not have actually heard native this former child star in a while, however he hasn"t specifically had a quiet, low-key life because exiting his early on days of fame. Save on scrolling to discover out what really taken place to Frankie Muniz.

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Malcolm in the Middle made Frankie Muniz a family members name, however the gibbs doesn"t in reality remember lot of his time ~ above the show. As Entertainment Weekly report in 2017, Muniz experienced serious memory ns after a streak of concussions and mini-strokes. 

Throughout his young life, the star endured nine concussions (the very first occurred while playing soccer at simply seven year old), but things only got worse in 2012 when he had a mini-stroke, adhered to by another practically a year later. Relenten the early stage terrifying incident to People, Muniz revealed, "I felt favor I was obtaining stabbed in the head — the worst headache you can ever think of. Ns couldn"t view anything." Speaking v EW, Muniz admitted come having had actually "at least" 15 of these transient ischemic attacks, and revealed the doctors had actually failed come pinpoint your cause. 

In September 2019, the actor mutual the reality of his condition with People, but remained optimistic. "I"m just reminded of how poor my storage is when people I see, they concerned me and also go, "Oh, friend remember when we did this? Remember us went top top this pilgrimage to this country?" and also I have actually no recollection the it," Muniz told the outlet, adding, "In mine head, it"s not choose I feel poor or sad about it ... Ns just shot to live the many fulfilling, ideal life i can."

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In April 2007, Muniz announced that he to be leaving Hollywood behind in stimulate to become a experienced racecar driver. Speaking around the surprising career readjust with People, a then-21-year-old Muniz simply said, "I never really wanted to gain out the acting, but now I"m a professional racecar driver." 

He couldn"t have actually been much more satisfied v the transition, however. "I"m important the the happiest I"ve ever been in my life," he gushed, explaining, "I favor the reality that i basically manage my destiny with exactly how much initiative I put right into working out, testing and training and becoming a racecar driver." comparing his brand-new gig come acting, the noted, "As an actor, it"s all what people think the you. You deserve to do your best job possible but if someone states it sucks, the sucks. Conversely, here, if I"m good, it will show."

According come Driver Database, Muniz was active from 2005 to 2011 and participated in 53 races, scoring 4 podium finishes. Unfortunately, his racing career wasn"t all joyous. Because that one, it cost him his connection with fiancée Jamie Gandy. Together he told People, the pair "kind of took a step ago for the gyeongju purposes." Muniz described that amid his liven racing schedule, "She"s law her very own thing and also she wants to have her own life and also not simply follow me approximately the world."

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After leaving exhilaration for racing, Frankie Muniz eventually quit the latter endeavor following a major (and really scary) injury. If the accident took place in 2009, the actor didn"t open up around it until 2017 when he competed on Dancing with the Stars. Wanting to describe his battles in the ballroom to dancing pro companion Witney Carson, he revealed in his very first episode (via People), "I had actually a crash and broke my earlier and injured my hands and ribs." 

While speaking v the publication soon after the illustration aired, Muniz elaborated, "I think we talk around my injuries every day because I have actually a creaky, old body. I"m 31 however feel like I have actually the creaky, old body of a 71-year-old." that added, "I"ve raced Indy cars, I"ve played every sport, I think about myself a pretty athletic person, but I"m therefore sore. I"m therefore dead." 

A couple of weeks later, Muniz mutual even an ext details around the terrifying race track incident, informing People, "My automobile flipped a bunch and also I crashed right into a wall. In the end, I broke my back, ankle, 4 ribs and my hand."

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While resting and mending native his earlier injury, Frankie Muniz uncovered solace in music. Not simply listening come it, yet playing it. In yet an additional career shift, the actor-turned-musician join a band referred to as Kingsfoil — an initial as that is drummer, then together its manager, too. Follow to All Music, the Pennsylvania-based alt-rock outfit developed in 2002 and had already released 4 albums as soon as Muniz joined.

"I love the band, ns loved the guys, ns loved every facet of it," that told People that his time through Kingsfoil. That feeling only lasted until 2014, however, when he determined he necessary to perform something else yet again. The multi-hyphenate walk on come explain, "From the time I to be eight year old, I never stopped working. In 20 years, I had maybe 30 holidays days. Ns realized ns was exhausted. It was great in the feeling that I can literally do every little thing I wanted to. But bad in the sense that ns don"t know exactly how to operate when I don"t have to be somewhere."

After his departure, Muniz still supported Kingsfoil — however as a fan. In 2018, he tweeted the he to be "listening to unreleased song of a band was in eight year ago."

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Frankie Muniz make his Dancing through the Stars debut alongside agree Witney Carson in September 2017 — yet despite his physics restrictions, the was shortly impressing judges and also audience alike. The pair kicked off Season 25 with a foxtrot to Harry Styles" "Sign that the Times," which score an exceptional 19 out of 30 and landed castle in 5th place. Despite some setbacks follow me the way (in October, your jazz routine to "Holly Rock" was referred to as Muniz"s "worst performance"), the pair made it to finale night and also finished the vain in 3rd place. 

In enhancement to boasting a not-too-shabby run, it turns out the show had a significant impact on Muniz"s life. While showing on his journey throughout his last episode (via People), the actor broke down in tears, saying of his run partner, "Witney helped prove that ns could confront my fears and also do anything. She aided me obtain here come the finals and to whereby I am together a human being right now. I"ll always be thankful to she for that."

Muniz added, "I never in a million years when I started this show thought I would certainly make it come the finals. But an ext than that, I never expected to obtain so lot confidence. This is the many amazing thing I"ve ever been a component of."

In July 2005, a 19-year-old Muniz got involved to Jamie Gandy, who he had actually met in brand-new Orleans earlier that spring. Sadly, the romance crumbled once Muniz began focusing most of his time on racing — however in October 2011, a 25-year-old Muniz was involved yet again, this time come Elycia Turnbow. The tweeted out the happy news, writing, "After four years together, I"m so happy to be engaged to the love of mine life
ElyciaMarie!!!" but again, that wasn"t intended to be. Provided their background (they reportedly had actually a massive argument in 2011 that resulted in the cops being dubbed after the gibbs allegedly placed a gun to his head), their break-up wasn"t a shock. 

Around 2016, Muniz began dating Paige Price, and, in 2018, the popped the question. After ~ a stormy month, throughout which that lost every one of his possessions as soon as his residence flooded following the fatality of his uncle, Muniz determined to revolve things around. First, he mutual a poignant note around Price, writing, "Thank God I have actually
paigey_price to assist me get through this. I"d be shed without her. She"s so solid and precisely what i need." Not lengthy after, he proposed. Speaking around the engagement, Muniz told People, "Paige and I, we don"t spend a minute apart. Ns don"t obtain bored the her." 

Muniz promised they"d tie the node "within 2019," yet by December, it had yet to happen.

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Leave it to Frankie Muniz to fully change careers because that the upteenth time. In 2018, he and also his love, Paige Price, chose to handle a brand-new business venture and also bought ... One olive oil shop! as AZCentral reported, castle purchased Outrageous Olive oils & Vinegars in Scottsdale, just a few miles far from their home in Phoenix. Muniz joked around the endeavour, tweeting, "From actor, to racecar driver, come drummer in a rock tape to....THIS!!! Seems around right!" 

Explaining the how amazing choice, Muniz said AZCentral, "We were in search of something to perform together. We had been client at the keep before and we simply knew we preferred the product." however they"re not just putting their names behind it, they"re doing absolutely every little thing themselves. While that manages payroll and also finances, Price runs their website and social media. "We"re not simply ordering product and putting it on the shelf," Muniz added. "We bottle everything. We label the bottles. We seal everything. We do all the ourselves here in store. It"s a lot of work, yet it"s really profitable when human being come in and also rave around the product." 

He confessed, "We live and breathe this store ideal now," i m sorry sells, together he put it, "the highest-standard olive oil in the world."

In October 2019, Vogue dubbed Frankie Muniz "one the the funniest people right now tweeting," many thanks in part to the truth that "it"s occasionally unclear whether he to know he"s being funny." simply a couple of highlights encompass his food confessions ("I simply ate an entire cake. It"s 6:59 AM."), celebrity encounters ("Almost hit Megan Fox with my vehicle today and sat next to Fabio in ~ lunch."), and pep talks, together as, "Why walk everyone choose to watch other world suffering? world get for this reason excited at the possibility of destroying someone else"s life. Life is also short. Simply live your best life." 

Meanwhile, BuzzFeed created an entire post concentrated on 21 bits of information Muniz"s Twitter behavior have taught us around the man himself, consisting of his how amazing bathroom habits ("I really like peeing right into urinals filled through ice. Officially."), unorthodox diet ("A ribeye steak through a next of red Starbursts. Correctly ma"am!"), and also lifestyle choices. In April 2019, Muniz confessed, "Some civilization are just getting home native the club right now, I"ve currently been sleep for seven hours and I"m up early to watch some infomercials." 

In a human being where drama in the Twittersphere can lead come celebrity firings, meltdowns, and feuds, we"ll take it Muniz"s penchant for the funny anecdote any kind of day.

Lizzo to be the speak of the 2019 American Music Awards red carpet. She stole the display with the tiniest purse of all time, which quickly went viral – and Frankie Muniz was among the millions payment attention. The didn"t simply appreciate her sartorial sense, however. Acquisition to Twitter, Muniz appeared to openly thirst after the popular music star, writing, "Hey
lizzo, lemme be your accessory. I deserve to be a purse... Put a chain approximately me and I"ll organize your stuff for you... Just sayin." 

He adhered to that risque message with a drawing of Lizzo holding the on a leash, which the captioned, "New file pic that
strawberry_cherub top top Instagram." 

Muniz"s eyebrow-raising comments easily garnered lot of of praise ("This is height excellence," one follower noted) and some criticism ("Are girlfriend okay, mate?" another asked). Meanwhile, Lizzo herself seemed to get a kick the end of it. The singer-rapper responded to the actor"s message with a simple, "Accessorary*" — a reference to she hit song, "Tempo."

After two years of do the efforts his hand at different passion projects, Frankie Muniz decided to return to the career the made him famous. In 2018, the gibbs starred in the mystery thriller The black color String, play a "lonely twenty-something" that starts hallucinating after ~ a fling with a secret woman. If his household is convinced he"s experiencing mental health and wellness issues, that believes he"s to be cursed and also is encountering miscellaneous supernatural. 

Speaking with People the following year, Muniz revealed it was the manuscript that recorded his attention and pushed him to audition because that the role. "It"s funny, as an actor, ns don"t get nervous on set," that told the outlet. "I"ve done pretty much everything. I"ve functioned with substantial actors, I"ve to be on large movie sets, Emmy-winning TV mirrors — I"ve done it." once it pertained to auditioning because that the an initial time in 2 decades, however, nothing can prepare the TV star. "It is candid the worst point in the world," Muniz confessed. "It"s nerve-wracking due to the fact that you desire to execute a good job. I assumed I blew it. Ns don"t know how civilization do it all the time. It fear me."

Frankie Muniz may have actually temporarily stepped the end of the Tinseltown spotlight before he also turned 20, yet this former child star has a seriously exceptional net precious of (get this!) one estimated $40 million. Return the precise figure isn"t known, Muniz revealed just how profitable acting had actually been because that him when he clapped back at a hater criticizing his acting with the ultimate tweet: "Yeah, yet being retired through $40,000,000.00 at 19 has not to be awful. An excellent luck moving out of her mom"s house prior to you"re 35." 

While his stints together a racecar driver, musician, and tiny business owner might not have actually raked in millions, as Romper sharp out, "with investments and also saving, it"s highly feasible that Muniz has been able to keep his astronomical net worth." end the years, Muniz has also sold a variety of prized possessions, i beg your pardon may have boosted his bank account. In 2016, he detailed a four-bedroom Phoenix residence for sale because that $3.5 million, and put his five-bedroom, seven-bathroom Scottsdale mansion on the industry for $2.4 million the adhering to year. He likewise auctioned off a 1995 Volkswagen Jetta indigenous The Fast and also the Furious, which was signed by the so late Paul Walker. Back Muniz payment $100,000 for the automobile when he purchased that in 2002 in ~ the age of 16, he just made $46,200 back. Also so, that is a cool chunk the change!