CUBAN revolutionary leader Fidel Castro - that survived much more than 600 assassination do the efforts - died in 2016 in ~ the age of 90.

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His death sparked blended reactions roughly the human being with Cuban-Americans seen celebrating the news while world leaders and global figures paid their respects.


Cuban leader Castro died in 2016 at the period of 90Credit: AFP

Who was Fidel Castro?

Castro was born on respectable 13, 1926, in Cuba. A lifelong Marxist, he trained together a lawyer however was jailed after attacking a barracks v brother Raul and also fled come Mexico ~ above release.

He went back alongside legend guerilla leader Che Guevara and also a rebel military to seize power in 1959. He was Prime Minister until 1976, once he became President.

He automatically ordered the executions the 582 opponents, closeup of the door independent media and also herded gay human being into “re-education” camps. Later, HIV-positive citizens were quarantined.


Castro to be born on august 13, 1926, in CubaCredit: Getty Images

In 1962, he invited Russian nuclear missiles come be based upon Cuba, just 90 mile from the hated US.

Worldwide tensions soared as President man F Kennedy implemented a naval blockade of Cuba till Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev took back the nukes ~ a 13-day stand-off.

By 1964 Castro to be holding 15,000 politics prisoners and also hundreds of thousands of Cubans had actually fled, consisting of his very own daughter and sister.

He survived an ext than 600 assassination attempts, follow to aides, and the failed 1961 US-backed just of Pigs invasion.

Castro and first wife Mirta Diaz Balart had actually one son and divorced in 1956 before his 40-year connection with Dalia Soto del Valle which developed five sons. They married in 1980.

flowers were placed external the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City, MexicoCredit: Getty Images

While many of his supporters believed Castro live frugally, the dictator appreciated a luxurious lifestyle.

He had actually a personal island, Cayo Piedra, i m sorry was dubbed “The Garden of Eden” and was served by his deluxe yacht, the Aquarama II.

Castro likewise owned a vast estate in Havana complete with rooftop bowling alley, basketball court and completely equipped medical centre, and also a deluxe bungalow with private marina.


There to be tears indigenous those in ~ a public tribute honouring the so late leaderCredit: AP:Associated Press

The Cuban leader preserved a gun in ~ his feet when travelling and also never went almost everywhere without at the very least ten bodyguards, consisting of two blood donors.

He delegated his presidential duties come Raul in 2006 as he recovered from surgical treatment for minister bleeding, before he finally stepped down altogether in 2008.

How did Fidel Castro die?

An announcement was do on Cuban state television by chairman Raul Castro - Fidel's brother.

Dressed in army uniform and sitting behind a desk, the president said that the 90-year-old had died peacefully in bed on November 25, 2016.


Cuban chairman Raul Castro announced the death of his brothers Fidel Castro ~ above state TVCredit: Getty Images
Fidel Castro handed power to his brothers Raul after ending up being ill in 2008Credit: Getty Images

The previous Communist leader passed away of herbal causes and also had been enduring with ok health since at the very least 2008 as soon as he official stepped under from the job.

His condition was kept a state an enig but to be widely-reported come be diverticulitis - a problem affecting the colon.

What happened to Castro's body?

The Cuban government claimed a nine-day duration of mourning adhering to his death, suspending alcohol sales and even baseball games, while his remains were handled tour - retracing the course Fidel Castro took when the change triumphed in 1959.

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State media stated Cubans were invite to pay homage to the former leader through signing a "solemn oath of following the principle of the revolution."

A mass gathering was held in Havana's Plaza that the Revolution, wherein Castro frequently addressed large crowds.