Ever due to the fact that Emilia Clarke wrapped increase her function as Daenerys Targaryen ~ above HBO"s hit series Game that Thrones, she has talked out about some of the tougher moments she faced both on and also off screen. Throughout her extremely challenging, highly lauded, and also decade-long function that made she an global star, the actress endured plenty the harrowing times, no matter just how much fame and acclaim she racked up.

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Between real-life medical issues, hairpin transforms for her character, and also uncomfortable experience on collection that left her emotion flustered and powerless, Clarke go through simply as complicated of a journey together Daenerys did throughout eight seasons and also 10 years. Together Thrones was wrapping up its run and in the moment after the collection concluded, the extremely candid actress has opened up around some the her biggest struggles, and also it"s not tough to know why she hasn"t completely recovered native Game the Thrones.


As a fresh-faced star on a huge HBO show, Emilia Clarke to be destined because that stardom v her demanding performance together Daenerys, however it wasn"t till the spring of 2019 the fans realized just exactly how much personal comfort she important sacrificed for the role. In a New Yorker piece that ran in march of the year, Clarke admitted that she experienced two debilitating brain injuries if filming the first two periods of Game the Thrones, both that which could have ended her career and also life.

After suffering a serious mind aneurysm right after she sheathe filming ~ above the show"s student in the first year season, Clarke thankfully recovered, but was left frightened, depressed, and also anxious about whether or no she would be able to continue working. The actress experienced from aphasia, a condition that renders one unable to speak correctly, in the consequences of the an initial aneurysm. During the show"s 2nd season, she endured from severe anxiety and also collapsed once, then endured yet one more aneurysm ~ the 3rd season of Thrones wrapped. At that time, Clarke was additionally preparing for she Broadway debut in Breakfast at Tiffany"s.

Clarke"s co-stars, including Khal Drogo star Jason Momoa, were incredibly supportive of she speaking out about what she had been through, but the endure was indeed terrifying because that the young actress. In The new Yorker article, Clarke revealed that she sank to a dark place after her 2nd aneurysm: "Going v this endure for the second time, every hope receded. I felt choose a shell of myself. So lot so that ns now have actually a hard time psychic those dark work in lot detail. Mine mind has actually blocked castle out. Yet I do remember being encouraged that ns wasn"t going to live." 


Beyond she frightening offscreen clinical struggles, Emilia Clarke also endured plenty of hardships ~ above the collection of Game of Thrones. In November 2019, she admitted that few of her nude scene were an overwhelming to handle, particularly because she felt both powerless and pressured together a young performer ~ above the cusp of global stardom. Together a star that a show that accurate coined the term "sexposition," Clarke to be unsurprisingly request to do a variety of bare-it-all scenes. Even though nudity to be a trademark that Thrones, it"s tho unsettling the Clarke was frequently uncomfortable on collection and unsure if she could say no until later on seasons, once she gained much more clout and also recognition. 

However, v or there is no the nude scenes, Clarke additionally suffered from significant imposter syndrome on the collection of Thrones during the show"s early seasons. Together she called Dax Shepard top top his podcast Armchair Expert, she invested "that very first season thinking, "I"m no worthy of requiring anything, I"m not worthy that needing anything in ~ all.""


Beyond that, Daenerys Targaryen"s journey left Emilia Clarke easy to understand shaken as well. The actress spent years play her character as a virtuous, justice-driven young queen hell-bent top top reclaiming she family"s ancestral throne, so it shocked Clarke just as lot as anyone else as soon as Daenerys determined at the tail end of season 8 to torch King"s Landing indigenous atop her biggest dragon, murdering countless innocent civilians in her quest to take it the stole Throne. Clarke admitted that upon reading the script and learning that the huge Daenerys twist, she had actually to walk around the highways of London simply to procedure the character"s an individual arc — specifically considering that after sacking King"s Landing, Dany doesn"t do it come the stole Throne, however is instead assassinated by she nephew-lover Jon snow (Kit Harington).

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Clarke will likely constantly be associated with Daenerys Targaryen, but even Game of Thrones" biggest fans should recognize the sacrifices the actor created this enormous, unforgettable role.