Finding reputation at together a young age, Elizabeth Taylor was thrust right into the spotlight and forced to come to be wise beyond her years. And that had starring in romantic movies with actors far older than she was.

“At proper 17, I prospered up for every America come see. Ns was actors in Conspirator opposite one of MGM’s greatest stars, Robert Taylor, that was 38, an ext than double my age,” she wrote in a 1988 People story referred to as “Restricted: The Passionate Years.”

“In in between playing passionate love scenes through a man old enough to it is in my father, I had to fit in three hrs of lessons prior to three in the afternoon, otherwise production would be closed down for the day. I virtually went crazy,” she admitted. “Some afternoons mine teacher would walk the end on the set, seize me out of Robert Taylor’s arms, and say, ‘Sorry, Elizabeth hasn’t finished her schoolwork.’ Talk around humiliating.”

That sped up path into on-screen romance soon influenced her genuine love life together well. “As ns learned just how to perfect my screen image, I identified to uncover an area wherein I could comfortably move right into independent adulthood,” she wrote. “I quickly realized the only means I might escape was with marriage.”

And that yearning kicked off a cable of matrimonies, the an initial when she was simply 18 year old. “I to be then and also am now an incurable romantic,” Taylor wrote in 1988. “I am sorry ns did not fully understand the factors driving me into at an early stage matrimony. At the time I simply knew ns ached to come to be a real woman, a wife.”

“My troubles all started due to the fact that I have a woman's body and also a child's emotions,” she also said, follow to abc News.

Throughout she life, Taylor wed seven men in eight marriages (she married Richard Burton twice), yet by the time she died on in march 23, 2011, she hadn’t to be married since 1996, almost 15 years. Here’s a complete list of Taylor’s husbands:

Conrad 'Nicky' Hilton (Married may 1950 to January 1951)


Taylor met Conrad “Nicky” Hilton, the boy of hotelier Conrad Hilton (and future great-uncle that Paris Hilton), in October 1949 at Mocambo nightclub in Los Angeles — and they to be wed on might 6, 1950, at Beverly Hills’ Church of the great Shepherd with 600 guests in attendance and an additional 3,000 fans outside. She wore a $3,500 gown in ~ the ceremony, i m sorry MGM paid for due to the fact that her film Father the the Bride was coming out. Also though Taylor was just 18 at the moment of her an initial marriage, that wasn’t her an initial engagement. She had been previously involved to soccer player valley Davis and billionaire invoice Pawley.

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Michael Wilding and also Elizabeth Taylor v their young Michael Jr. (left) and Christopher, Los Angeles, California, 1955

Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Barely a year after her divorce native Hilton, Taylor wed British gibbs Michael Wilding that was two decades her senior and also on marriage number two. During their five years together, Taylor gave birth to 2 sons, Michael Jr. And Christopher. Christopher called Hollywood Reporter that growing up, he and also his brother could play through Taylor’s golden Globes, however not her Oscars. Eventually, as Taylor’s job skyrocketed, the couple’s connection soured.

Mike Todd (Married February 1957 come March 1958)


Elizabeth Taylor and husband Mike Todd on their honeymoon, February 1957

Photo: Bettmann/Contributor/Getty Images

By the moment Taylor married entertain producer Mike Todd — who won an Oscar for Around the people in 80 job — a month after she divorce from Wilding, she was pregnant with their child, Liza. Todd was recognized to shower head the young star v gifts, choose the time he collection up an entire display of valve Cleef & Arpels jewel in your yard or the moment he had a meal flown in from Paris. Tragically Todd was killed in a plane crash in 1958 — Taylor was an alleged to travel v him, but had opted out since she had actually a cold. “I to be the happiest through Mike Todd,” Taylor said throughout her later years.

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Eddie Fisher (Married may 1959 come March 1964)


Devastated by the tragedy of Todd’s death, Taylor turned among their closest pair friends, Debbie Reynolds and also her husband Eddie Fisher, one of the 1950s most popular singers. (Fisher had actually been a finest man at Taylor and Todd’s wedding.) yet soon Taylor and Fisher began an affair and also Fisher left Reynolds. “I divorce Debbie and also married Elizabeth the day ns finished my operation at the Tropicana, ” Fisher said, according to Vogue. “It to be a usual two-rabbi Jewish ceremony. As usual, Elizabeth was late because that her very own wedding… we were married under the chuppah, a canopy, and as is traditional, in ~ the finish of the ceremony, i stomped ~ above a wine glass.” Taylor had said, “Our honeymoon will last 40 years,” according to abc News. 5 years later, they divorced.


Taylor to be still married to Fisher as soon as she reconnected v Burton on the Cleopatra set in 1962 (they had actually met at a party a decade prior to that). “When I experienced him top top the collection of Cleopatra, I dropped in love and also I have loved him ever before since, almost my entirety adult life,” she wrote in People. Their romance to be so passionate, it regularly ignited into fights. Ironically, after starring with each other in a 1973 TV movie Divorce His, Divorce Hers, they actually divorced a year later. But by October 1975, castle remarried — though it didn’t even last a whole year. “Even once we might no longer live together, we continued to love every other,” she continued in 1988. “To this day, my feelings because that him space so strong I can not speak around him there is no being get rid of with emotion.”

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John Warner (Married December 1976 come November 1982)

After her dual marriage come Burton, Taylor rotate to national politics — for love, that is. She wed previous U.S. Secretary that the Navy john Warner, who later ended up being a five-term U.S. Senator for Virginia. The two met at a Washington, D.C., dinner because that Queen Elizabeth II, in ~ which Warner to be asked come escort Taylor. Also though he’s a Republican and also she to be a Democrat, lock connected, especially over their shared love the horses. “I found her an extremely interesting, fascinating. She is a good conversationalist, and also she is just a many fun,” the told People. They continued to be friendly until her 2011 death.

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Taylor's last marriage to be to a building worker that she met throughout her time in rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic in 1988. “Elizabeth was in there for pills, I was in there for beer,” the told People. “I knew that she was, the course, but I can’t tell you that i remember watching any kind of of she films. She to be funny and also sweet, and the much more I acquired to understand her, the sweeter she became…we had an instant physical attraction.” lock wed in ~ Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch and while they had actually playful moments together, at some point the spotlight was too much. “Those cameras everywhere… Elizabeth was used to it. Ns never gained used to it,” the said. “I have wonderful memories of my time v Elizabeth, and I will treasure her memory forever… i love her. I always will. And I understand she love me too.” They additionally kept in touch because that the remainder of her life.