Eddie Guerrero’s death shocked the wrestles world. Learn around the cause of death and the details surrounding his untimely passing.

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Before men like The Miz and also Roman Reigns, there to be Eddie Guerrero. The “Latino Heat” was a wrestling icon in the 2000s, drawing a legion that fans with his signature attitude and also sense that humor. Needless to say, the wrestling world was ruined when the previous WWE champ was uncovered unresponsive in a Minneapolis hotel room. V 2021 marking the 16th anniversary of Eddie Guerrero’s fatality date, we space taking a look ago at his career and health. Let’s sift through the rumors and also get the final word ~ above Eddie Guerrero’s reason of death.

Eddie Guerrero to be A famous Wrestler In The 1990s and Early 2000s

Eddie Guerrero was born to rumble in the ring. Together the son of Lucha Libre pioneer Gory Guerrero, and also the father of skilled wrestler Shaul Guerrero, Eddie—otherwise recognized as Latino Heat—was by much the most well known member in a rather big wrestling family.

He obtained his begin in Mexico and also Japan in the 1990s, and stints with ECW and also WCW followed. Yet an eventual move to WWF/WWE made that a household name.

Guerrero earned 5 titles during his WWE tenure. The greatest score was once he uncomfortable champion Brock Lesnar in ~ No way Out 2004. Check out the nail-biting complement below:

When walk Eddie Guerrero Die?

Guerrero passed away on November 13, 2005, after ~ being uncovered unresponsive in a Minneapolis Marriott hotel room. Provided that the was only 38 at the time of his passing, numerous fans are curious to recognize the official cause of death. Some have speculated that he had overdosed ~ above drugs, and also others wonder if he had actually relapsed right into alcoholism. (The an illness was the factor he was released native the WWF in 2001.)

Whatever the reason, the wrestling world was hit hard by the loss. Guerrero was a wrestler’s wrestler, and also many pros raved about his legacy. WWE.com called him among the biggest technical wrestlers of all time. And also in 2017, cut Angle called him one of the peak three wrestlers of all time.

“As good as he remained in 2004, 2005, he had actually to it is in 10-times much better back then,” edge told the Talk is Jericho podcast. “That’s mind-blowing. Ns mean, he might have been the absolute greatest of all time due to the fact that when ns wrestled him, he to be still in that top three we were talking about, therefore Eddie had actually it all. He to be so entertaining, but he likewise had all the technique. He to be such a an excellent wrestler and also he got it.”

What to be Eddie Guerrero’s reason Of Death?

An early stage police report stated that there were no signs of foul pat or suicide in relation to Guerrero’s death.

On December 8, 2005, the Hennepin County clinical Examiner exit the findings of an autopsy. Guerrero’s official cause of fatality was “natural causes related to arteriosclerotic love disease.” In layman’s terms, he had actually heart disease.

Our own hearts go out to his nephew, other WWE star Chavo Guerrero Jr. In one interview v Vice (via Complex), Chavo described that he to be the one that was educated by hotel protection that Guerrero didn’t respond come a wake-up call. Unfortunately, his uncle was on the restroom floor clutching a toothbrush by the time he and also security accessed Guerrero’s room. He died in his nephew’s eight while waiting for 911 responders.

Did Eddie Guerrero Have any kind of Underlying health Conditions?

Guerrero’s heart condition may have actually been led to by many factors.

In 2009, Rey Mysterio announced that he would be beginning rehab because that a pains killer addiction. He pointed out Guerrero by name and said he didn’t want to fulfill the exact same fate together the late pro wrestler. He seemed to indicate that Guerrero’s past drug abuse had added to his love health.

Guerrero was never ever shy around his demons. After ~ a 1999 auto crash, that had become hooked top top pills. He hit absent bottom in 2001 and also checked right into a treatment facility for help.

“The point to do as soon as guys acquired hurt, rather of absent work, they take it pills. And so, to me, I thought it to be the norm at first,” said Guerrero’s widow, Vickie. “I thought whatever is okay–he’s simply trying to cover increase his injuries, but then I began seeing that i was driving the everywhere. Ns was choose him up since he can not function… what y’all observed in the ring, he would rotate on his lights in the ring. He loved what he did, but coming home, it to be a mess.”

However, it’s worth nothing the Guerrero had been sober because that at least 4 years at the moment of his death.

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Other critics think that irreversible use that performance-enhancing drugs hurt his heart. A 2007 exposé by Sports Illustrated revealed that Guerrero was among 14 WWE employee who had used steroids and also human growth hormone. Follow to California rehab facility Asana Recovery, “researchers usage the so late wrestler’s case as a viable confirmation of the link between steroid abuse and also cardiovascular failure.”

It sounds choose there’s an unfortunately dark side to a sports that is otherwise wildly entertaining. We hope that points behind the scenes have actually since adjusted and that the recent generation of wrestling pan don’t see a ns of this magnitude in your lifetime.