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Ed Sullivan (Full surname – Edward Vincent Sullivan) to be an American television personality, sports and entertainment reporter, and additionally a syndicated columnist because that the brand-new York everyday News and also the Chicago Tribune new York News Syndicate. Sullivan was born ~ above September 28, 1901, Manhattan, new York, U.S., and died top top October 13, 1974, in Manhattan, brand-new York, U.S.

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During television’s infancy, Sullivan to be a broadcast pioneer at many levels. As television doubter David Bianculli wrote, prior to MTV, Sullivan presented absent acts. Prior to Bravo, he did jazz and also classical music and also theater. Before the Comedy Channel, even prior to there to be the tonight Show, Sullivan discovered, anointed and also familiarized young comedians.

Prior to, there were 500 channels, before there to be cable, Ed Sullivan was whereby the selection was. From the start, he to be truly the Toast of the Town.

How Old was Ed Sullivan when He died | Ed Sullivan Age

Sullivan was born top top September 28, 1901, in Harlem, Manhattan, new York, USA, and also grew up in harbor Chester, brand-new York. His parents were Elizabeth F. (née Smith) and also Peter Arthur Sullivan, a personalizeds house employee, all of the irish descent. As at the time of his death in 1974, Ed Sullivan to be 73 years old.

Sullivan’s Photo

Ed Sullivan Death

X-ray check in beforehand September 1974, revealed that Sullivan had actually an advanced growth of esophageal cancer. The family determined to store the diagnosis a an enig from him even though his doctors offered him very tiny time to live.

On the various other hand, Sullivan still thought that his ailment to be yet another complication indigenous a long-standing fight with gastric ulcers. He died five weeks after that October 13, 1974, at brand-new York’s Lenox Hill Hospital, 2 weeks ~ his 73rd birthday.

His requiem fixed was hosted at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, brand-new York, top top a cold, rainy day and also the funeral was attended by 3,000. Sullivan was laid to remainder in a crypt at the Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, brand-new York. He has actually a star ~ above the Hollywood to walk of Fame in ~ 6101 Hollywood Blvd.

Ed Sullivan Family


His parents to be Elizabeth F. (née Smith) and Peter Arthur Sullivan, a customs house employee, all of the irish descent. However, he called his daughter the surname of his mother who had passed that year.


Ed Sullivan and also his mam Sylvia had actually one child named Elizabeth “Betty” Precht who was born on Dec. 22, 1930, in new York City and also died Saturday, June 7, 2014. However, Elizabeth to be an American biochemist in between the 1920s and also 1940s at Russell fearbut Milling Company.

Ed Sullivan Wife

Ed Sullivan was engaged to champion swimmer Sybil Bauer. However, the pair never married as Bauer died of cancer in 1927 at the period of 23. Sullivan met and began date Sylvia Weinstein in 1926. Weinstein tried come lie to her Jewish family, saying the she was date a male named Ed Solomon, yet her brother identified she expected Ed Sullivan.

The affair was on-again-off-again for 3 years together both families were strongly protest to a Catholic–Jewish marriage. Versus the odds, the couple was lastly married top top April 28, 1930, in a City hall ceremony, and also 8 months later on Sylvia gave birth come Elizabeth (“Betty”), named after Sullivan’s mother, that had died that year.

The Ed Sullivan present | Ed Sullivan Really large Show

In 1948, a producer in ~ the CBS network, Marlo Lewis, gained the network to rental Sullivan to carry out a weekly Sunday-night TV selection show, Toast of the Town. Later, the show came to be The Ed Sullivan Show.

Actually, Sullivan was recognized as the creator and also host the the television range program The Toast the the city which to be then popularly and also officially—renamed The Ed Sullivan Show. The display runs indigenous 1948 come 1971, thereby setting a record as the longest-running selection show in united state broadcast background having transfer for 23 years. It is just one of our fondest, dearest pop culture memories.

The present debuted in June 1948 and also was initially broadcast indigenous the Maxine Elliott Theatre top top West 39th Street in brand-new York City. It moved to CBS-TV Studio 50, in ~ 1697 Broadway (at 53rd Street) in new York City in January 1953, which in 1967 was called again the Ed Sullivan theatre (and was later on the residence of the Late present with David Letterman and also The Late display with Stephen Colbert). Indigenous 1936 come 1953, Studio 50 was previously a CBS Radio studio, and also before the was the legit Hammerstein Theatre, integrated 1927.

The show’s ranking had lessened by 1971. CBS speak to off the regime in march 1971, along with some the its other longtime mirrors throughout the 1970–1971 season in an initiative to refreshing its lineup. The collection of cancelations later happened known together the rural purge. Sullivan to be annoyed and also rejected to carry out a final show,

Ed Sullivan Beatles

While at Heathrow airport in November 1963, Sullivan witnessed Beatlemania together the band changed from Sweden. Even though he was reluctant to book the Beatles at first because the tape did not have actually a commercially successful single released in the us at the time, Sullivan signed the group however at the behest that a friend, legend impresario Sid Bernstein.

On February 9, 1964, the Beatles’ early Sullivan display appearance, was the most-watched regime in television history to that suggest and remains among the most-watched program of every time. The Beatles room seen three an ext times in person and also given out filmed performances later.

Ed Sullivan network Worth

Ed Sullivan to be an American television personality, reporter, and syndicated columnist who had actually a net worth equal to $20 million after adjusting because that inflation at the moment of his death.

Ed Sullivan present Guests Lists

The DoorsElvis PresleyThe BeatlesThe ByrdsThe roll StonesThe SupremesBuddy Holly and also the Crickets

Ed Sullivan mouse ( Topo Gigio)

Topo Gigio is a soft foam mouse with dreamy eyes and also a friendly, childish personality, was an extremely popular in Italy for plenty of years not only on tv but additionally in children’s magazines, such together the classicalCorriere Dei Piccoli, animated cartoons, merchandising and also movies. The character, made in 1958 through artist Maria Perego, released on Italian television in 1959 and also has to be customarily voiced by actor Giuseppe “Peppino” Mazzullo and also then Davide Garbolino. The Italian nickname “Gigi” is a derivative of Luigi (Louis) so Topo Gigio could be interpreted Louie Mouse.

Now, Topo Gigio still has faithful fans and has become an symbol of Italian popular music culture. Also, the performs consistently at the Zecchino d’Oro festival and other programs developed by Antoniano and RAI. In 1965, a feature-length motion picture The Magic world of Topo Gigio was allowed internationally.

Frequently request Questions around Ed Sullivan

Who was Ed Sullivan?

Ed Sullivan was an American tv personality, sports and entertainment reporter, and also syndicated columnist for the new York daily News and the Chicago Tribune new York News Syndicate.

How old was Ed Sullivan?

Sullivan was born on September 28, 1901, and died on October 13, 1974. He died at the age of 73.

How tall to be Ed Sullivan?

He had actually a standing elevation of 171 cm

Was Ed Sullivan married?

He to be married come Sylvia Weinstein top top April 28, 1930. Later, his wife passed away in march 1973 and Sullivan died the following year, on October 13, 1974,

How lot was Ed Sullivan worth?

Ed Sullivan to be an American tv personality, reporter, and syndicated columnist who had actually a net worth equal to $20 million after adjusting because that inflation at the moment of his death.

Where walk Ed Sullivan live?

Sullivan to be laid to rest in a crypt at the Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, new York.

Is Ed Sullivan dead or alive?

Dead due to esophageal cancer.

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