Donna Douglas to be an iconic American actress, author, and singer. She to be a really talented individual who took pleasure in success in various facets of the creative industry. Douglas was most famed for her role as Elly may Clampett in the television series The Beverly Hillbillies.

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Donna was her parents' just daughter and the youngest that their 2 children.

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How old was Donna Douglas when she died?

Donna Douglas was born top top September 26, 1932, and also she passed away in January 2015. Donna Douglas period at the time she died was 82 years.


Douglas had actually her education at St. Gerard Catholic High School. She played softball and basketball when she was a college student in high school.


The so late actress began working in the fashion market first. In 1957, she won two beauty pageants in her home state.

Donna then relocated to new York City to develop her job in present business. She functioned as one illustration design in toothpaste adverts.

In 1959, the so late actress played the duty of Marjorie Burke in the movie Career for her experienced acting debut.

She featured in the musical comedy Li'l Abner in 1959. She play the function of a secretary in the comedy/romance Lover Come back in 1961. The film likewise featured absent Hudson and also Doris Day.


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Although Douglas was an energetic actress in the 1960s. She ended up being famous when she began starring on The Beverly Hillbillies. This collection ran for nine continuous seasons, from 1962 come 1971.

In 1966, Donna Douglas performed alongside rock and also roll star Elvis Presley in the music comedy Frankie and Johnny. She play Presley's character's girlfriend.

The late actress featured in 42 films and also television productions. The adhering to are several of Donna Douglass movies and TV shows.

FilmCareer (1959): Marjorie BurkeLi'l Abner (1959): Chorus DancerBells are Ringing (1960): Party GuestStrangers as soon as We satisfy (1960): neighborhood Lover Come ago (1961): DeborahFrankie and Johnny (1966): FrankieChronicles that Life Trials (2013): MarjorieTelevision
Bachelor dad (1959): Alice U.S. Marshal (1959): Joyce Markham The Twilight ar (1960): Janet TylerEye the the Beholder (1962): woman #1Route 66 (1960): design 77 Sunset strip (1961): Rhoda SheridanHennesey (1961): ShereeThe Aquanauts (1961): Nancy Gard Dr Kildare (1961): Jenny Sam Benedict (1961): FrancineThe Beverly Hillbillies (1962–1971): Elly may ClampettThe Defenders (1964): mary Andrews Night collection (1972): Mildred McVane

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Adam-12 (1972): Nina DraperReturn that the Beverly Hillbillies (1981): Elly might Clampett


In 1963, Donna Douglas winner Miss golden Globe (Television).

After The Beverly Hillbillies, Douglas made decision to go into other careers. She received her genuine estate patent after The Beverly Hillbillies perfect production.

Aside from becoming a realtor, Douglas also had a music career. Though her music career to be short-lived, she had actually some achievements.

She performed the soundtrack of three of her acting projects, consisting of The Beverly Hillbillies. She likewise released four gospel albums.

In 1982, Douglas join Rhema holy bible Training facility in broken Arrow, Oklahoma to research children’s ministry. She i graduated from the bible school in 1984.


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Douglas authored 2 Christian children's publications Donna's Critters & Kids: Children's Stories through a holy bible Touch, and also Miss Donna's Mulberry acre Farm.

Douglas additionally published a cookbook, southern Favorites through a Taste that Hollywood in 2013.

Marriage and also relationships

Donna and also her first husband Roland bourgeois Jr. Acquired married in 1949. She had actually her only child Danny Bourgeois through Roland in 1954. Her marital relationship to Roland ended in 1954.

Her second marriage to be to the manager of The Beverly Hillbillies Robert M. Leeds. They gained married in 1971, and also they divorce in 1980.

Donna Douglas death

For those who have been questioning — is Donna Douglas dead? The legendary actress died over five years ago.

Donna passed away of pancreatic cancer ~ above January 1, 2015, in ~ Baton Rouge basic Hospital. She to be 82 year old at the time of she death.


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Donna Douglas tomb is in Louisiana's Bluff Creek Cemetery, eastern Feliciana Parish.

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What was Donna Douglas network worth?

The late actress had a network worth that $500,000 prior to she died.

Donna Douglas to be a an extremely talented symbol who allow her presents shine in film, television, music, ministry, and writing. Despite she gave in to cancer, she lived to a ripe old age.

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