When actor Don Knotts passed away in February 2006 at period 81 of symptom from lung cancer, the left behind an ongoing heritage that influenced comic actors today including Jim Carrey and also Martin Short.

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The entertainer was known for his portrayal of the panicky, blundering Deputy Barney Fife through the perfect expressive challenge on the 1960s comedy The Andy Griffith Show. Year later, that was introduced to a brand-new generation of pan in 1979 together the self-appointed dressed-to-slay ladies’ guy Ralph Furley top top Three’s Company.

Here’s an ext on Knotts’ career and net worth at his death.


Don Knotts screams in ~ his own reflection in a scene from the movie ‘The Ghost and Mr. Chicken’, 1966 | Universal/Getty Images

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But the attribute film duty that caught the attention of plenty of of his fans in 1998 to be Pleasantville, in which two siblings end up being trapped in a 1950s television program.

The movie was set in a small town whose citizens are wholesome and perfect. Knotts played “a television repairman who had actually some mystical strength who could get these civilization into a television display that they had been watching,” the actor told the television Academy foundation in 1999.

“We want someone that was an icon from the golden e of TV,” Pleasantville director Gary Ross told EW in 1998. “So i sat down with the casting director and also we both just talked around how much we worshiped Barney Fife — he was choose a deranged pixie.”

Knotts passed away Feb. 24 in 2006

Don Knotts in ~ the 2004 TV soil Awards | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

The Barney Fife actor, that married three times and also had 2 children, obtained a star top top the Hollywood walk of fame in 2000.

Once the 2000s rolling around, most of Knotts’ work was offering his voice for children’s programs consisting of the Hermie series and in the animated movie Chicken Little. The year prior to his death, Knotts likewise made a guest appearance on That ’70s Show.

At his death in 2006, his network worth was approximated at $20 million.

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In 2016, Knotts was memorialized v a statue in his hometown that Morgantown, West Virginia.